Laserquest's ppe thread




Rip, so close…


oh cool


it just died so rip
will pause ppe until monday


Only around then half an hour??? :disappointed:


what do you mean


You only had the staff for around half an hour or did you have it for longer?

First one was written on my IPod and thus is a grammatical failure (i hate my IPod keyboard)

(the staff picture was posted ~half an hour ago and the death picture was posted a little later)


i still have the staff, i vaulted it


Oh good, I thought you died with it

Wait nvm, I didn’t realize that you were a sorc


The staff doesn’t even matter much. I find Mwoods whites much more common than any other dungeon.


More common than sprite whites?


only 2 planewalkers and 3 ep’s me 2


k so i was playing at the library, and since they have desktop computers i played using wasd, one thing led to another so i started my ppe again
i got my first leaf bow, but i dont know how to screenshot show ill just show a pic of the bow when i get home


link btw


i died 5 minutes later, with only 1 wis to max :
EDIT: not with sword


you need to stop dying man :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Lets try a non ranged class this time.


yeah planning on doing a ninja


will do ninja when event ends


*when you don’t know what the fuck’s going on realm because you quit