Laserquest's ppe thread


I’m thinking about making my own PPE thread so that everyone can watch me be a noob and get 0 white bags




it died




im planning to start a ninja ppe, but it will be my last one until august since i will be on vacation until then.


actually gonna take a break, will be back in august, going on vacation next week and ill be out for most of july. i dont really feel like playing. hopefully august is motmg too


Let’s pray together

August will probably be motmg again.


*sends support ticket

Deca, i Would like to support my friends, so please make MotMg on August

Thank you and have a good day


bump, once i finish my vacation stuff(sometime early august)ill do a ppe of the new class


early aug? isn’t aug motmg?
isn;t the new class coming out when motmg starts?




im back.
also just maxed another 8/8 so yay


i hope u dont get doku in a min.

because if u do, ill kms


i didnt
im also on my third samurai
its pretty unlucky



im triggered right now because i cant get my dbow


i dont really need another dbow right now


i need.

60 udls no dbow
everybody else, 1 udl, dbow.



wiz spell
also got 10 moss tokens from which i got an sb mana
i also got a t10 armor. finally


8 or 9 dex to max.


Try 300 udls no dbow :cry: