Laserquest's ppe thread


if you want the most stars go priest.


i already made a sorc, but when i die ill go priest


kk, good luck on your ppe btw lel xd


No. Bad. 3/10, memes too stale.




Ty for agreeing


jeez whats going on today
also, ill continue this tomorrow


np man <3 I love ppe memes too



Edit: let’s stop derailing laser’s thread.


ok eggs dee

gl on the priest ppe btw, @Laserquest




remember, im gonna update this later cause i have bad wifi right now


update: so cause today is thanksgiving, i wont be able to play today. and, im going on vacation for a few days so probably wont be able to play. will continue this when i get back


Ok then. Enjoy your vacation!


i will. im going to disneyland!


i was able to play for a few minutes


when this has more likes than my thread but mines obviously better…


Because u hack and laser doesn’t


Dude I love you and all, but can you upload in bigger chunks instead of every single item you get? Like… once you are 1/8, upload the screenies of your item drops at the end.


ye i was thinking about, guess id do it.
i was just thinking some of you would complain that i have no proof i got some drops legit