Laserquest's ppe thread


epic chest

some things i would like to add:
got t9 wand in ddocks(level 13), realm then closed and got t9 robe from one of the guards
have a backpack because it was a storage character for a few weeks


wow this was intense


i got confused during sun phase


got gbow right before this but forgot to screenshot

REEEEE i want a.s.s :frowning:


right now i need 1 vit to max, it’s sad because i trio’d 3 abbys to get that last vit and got mark somehow





LOL NO my loot boost just ran out too




5/8, gonna take a break and continue tomorrow


tfw you max atk on an archer before def


wlabs coming in clutch man


rip not tshot


omg finally


please dont die in a nest like me.


Tshot only comes from last boss.


wait then ass comes first green boss?


2nd cause mwoods staff isn’t as rare. I :thinking:


forgot to post these here


omg my god are you actually god dang kidding me
i hit o instead of i…
1 def left to max ZRSDXTCFYJBHKKML
not even 2k fame too
guess losing thirsty that one time cursed me


challenger white #1


ur multiboxer banned