Laserquest's ppe thread


ok will do trix and wizard


so far good…i guess


Nice! Expo and icicle were really nice pickups. Now all you need is a griff or something. Once you max dex, you should start running lhs for them lives/manas(and tops of course).


Meanwhile I have 2 ppes die during the duration of that one from slight lag (1st) and slight suicidal intentions (2nd), my ninja ppe can still take slight credit for helping you a bit


yeah i remember that, rip

ok good advice


my second ever csword

the stats now


epic chest

btw saving the life for now


Is that mp roll for reals? :o


I remember him talking about it yeah.




oh no :frowning_face: :


Make presto


Oof D:


ok ill make wiz, then priest and then some other class(maybe necro)


Yes. Necro. Always Necro.




sorry guys but my computer kinda broke the other day(a few keys stopped working) so i won’t be playing realm that much for the next few days. thanks




guess this is my first decent drop so far
to make it clear, i got def, cloth and clover


…of course its a sphinx
is my first boosted bag tho