Last Seen Separation


An improvement I was thinking, was that instead of only a last seen that includes the server and the time, there should be 2 fields, Last Seen Server and Last Seen Time. Both can be togged on and off individually. Since, discords usually require you to hide your Last Seen field(I think specifically the server), I feel this would be a helpful in the sense that for traders, they would know whether to bother messaging someone for a trade.

On another note, I was wondering if the messaging system on realmeye was used frequently?


would be handy, just have to hope mreyeball sees it and agrees

as for the messaging system, I assume not as it’s usually more expedient to chat in-game


The realmeye messaging system was actually quite useful prior to the popularization of discords. And even as discord grew into standard use, the messaging system was still a solid way to contact those of whom you did not have a solid line of communication with.


I used to use messages for trading fairly regularly, or at least I would get replies to my posted trades there. Not for a while though, I guess as trading has changed – the only thing I trade now is pots which I can do on the trade server.


That’s only when you are verifying to a Discord server.

Once you are verified (on all servers), you can immediately uncloak your Last Seen. I myself does it and nothing bad happened as long as I don’t leak the location to the potential crashers.


Interesting, I didn’t know that, thanks for sharing!


Thanks for updating it, really appreaciate it!


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