Learning in RotMG


This is going to be very babbly and disorganized

Personally I think the devs do a good job at indicating how much damage a shot will do via. shot size and shot speed.

When I’m in a new dungeon and I don’t know what things do I will purposefully get hit when I know it’s safe to do so to learn what a shot does.

Test things and remember what they do. I can understand being frustrated over something now indicating that it can do damage how even only to a point. once you know you’ll know forever and that won’t happen again. don’t wait on a weird looking tile while you’re on sliding ice expecting to be fine… Dip your toe in it first.

You do not have to ever die in this game to master it if you are ridiculously patient and mechanically skilled (and don’t have a hard freeze lag death). You will die… but you don’t have to to learn the game.

It may push some away it magnetizes others.

That really just sounds like you don’t like the games perma death. it’s not going away so ultimately you need to either learn to like it or succumb to the fact the game may not be for you. I’m not saying this to push you away. In the words of Reggie “If it’s not fun, Why bother?”

True. Thank you DECA for adding invincibility on teleport and entering dungeons! Personally there is no mechanic in the game that I consider unfair. Confuse was awful not to long ago though one of the more recent updates overhauled some dungeons that had confuse spam. Just to give you some night mares there use to be confuse during the nest boss.

These people had and have the most to lose! maybe you look at it as “oh they have so much stuff that’s nothing for them” This isn’t it the case. these people spent so much time to get where they are in the game and to lose top UTs and the like always hurts.

Be vigilant and observant don’t blindly run into things and the game will feel less unfair.

Definitely aren’t too deadly, visually confusing I can agree with for the evil water in the dead water docks. the frost in the ice cave looks deadly to me though I can still see why one may not see it that way. Again, test things it takes one second and can save your life.

if you are in a dungeon with a environmental hazard you should be level 20 that’s around 550hp at the least which is more than enough to not die too fast. Mad lab is a dungeon for lvl 20s as is any dungeon that drops in the god lands don’t go in if you are not leveled and don’t want to risk it.

again my only advice here is to test everything. I agree that Ice cave does a poor job here.

You take damage on the health bar under your character, above your heads on the side ,flash red when near death and have audio cues. that’s on you if that’s not enough indication for you.

The same enemies or similar one? realm does this with similar ones. don’t know what enemy in the ice cave would come off as unfair without prior experience though.

This is a major flaw of realm right now that will hopefully be rectified when DECA rolls out the overworld rework.

All these enemies are bare bones super lame and do next to nothing… These arn’t the eniems perparing you for dungeos like the abyss that would be the gods in godlands that do this (medusa, ghost god, slime god, ent god, djinn, white demon, leviathan)

Abyss is not a early game dungeon you should have some potions dranken before doing it. get some spd and dex, while farming dex you should get a few def potions to help you when you decide to start going for abyss.

back when I started the game abyss was one of the most feared dungeons in the game. No one was maxed the demons charged you instead of keeping their distance as they do now . Going in with a group of 30 we would tip toe through the whole thing.

The hive can give you dex and is very easy.

? Demons don’t rush anymore or at least it’s a 1/10 compared to the original abyss. Go get some speed from the pit if you need it.

“Death is a way you learn”

Aso use your nexus key.

Take a chill pill


Disagree; the only playstyle that makes the Hive tolerable is going all-out on the offense before the Queen starts overspawning maggots, which in turn evolve into more bees - which, by the way, will deal more damage per shot than almost any enemy up to that point.

This on its own wouldn’t be that bad, were it not that pretty much no other dungeon boss up to that point really punished you for backing off. Arachna is an exception, but her movement is much more predictable; additionally, her spawning has a slightly slower frequency, the spawned spiders tend to be less bulky / overwhelming, and the phase in which it occurs in passes quickly with some damage dealt.


I was curious about that, and I played through it. Obviously, I was fine, but what was interesting is keeping track of the stuff that’s second nature to me that likely wouldn’t be second nature to a 0 star wizard. And I was TRYING to play like a newbie, like a fresh account, with drops found and level around where I should be, no pets, no screen rotation (I feel screen rotation can be really overwhelming for newer players), a weird ring (which to be fair, I wore because I couldn’t find anything else), spamming my ability at EVERY opportunity, and even walking into a bullet or two on purpose to test damage or effects. But then there’s things I ended up doing without realizing it:

  • I didn’t keep garbage on me that I couldn’t use (which in the grand scheme of things, didn’t matter)
  • I used another Bottled Honey correctly (ie. when I didn’t have full health, which a new player wouldn’t know)
  • I generally knew when to back up and push forward
  • I had my own custom controls, something that not every new player will adjust
  • I potioned up generally when I knew I was in trouble
  • Speaking of which, I actually stacked the potions I found which I can imagine not every new player would do

I recall someone on the Unpopular opinion thread that Hive is harder than it should be for the level where it is, and after playing through it, I do agree, especially if the player doesn’t have a good sense of when to be aggressive and when to be defensive, which is likely, given that they’re new. I only know that because of playing the game for years at this point.