Least Favorite Dungeon?


halls because it’s ugly and the most boring to clear dungeon in the game


Shatters has the worst drop rates.
Fungal is just a boring ass dungeon.


Did I already say cland? Cland.


Lod, the inheritance system is amazing.

but slow and tedious. oftentimes boring when run in succesion.
also trying to run it in public result in the same order every time

so the group actually can survive it, even then by the time you get to ivory your down 75% of the group.


Yeah, I remember seeing you on the cland voters, when the votes where public (or were they never public my memory is bugged?).


Voted Shatters.
In a controlled environment its the easiest dungeon in the game.
In a public environment its the hardest dungeon in the game.
Just another dungeon Kabam messed up implementing royally and I guess I’m just waiting for Deca to rework it.


haha yems

(and from what I’ve heard, it’ll also bee quite soon™!)


heya, remember when i said I hate the abyss?

yeah. why the fuck was there a speedrunning event on a dung thats impossible to rush, even with a pet


Rest in peace.

Wait how or why did you force yourself? Did someone else force you?
I wouldn’t blame you for totally ignoring abyss for 3 years, ya know?


no, nobody forced me to do it.
Becuase of the speedrun event, I thought, it really can’t be that hard to rush, can it? Otherwise there wouldn’t be an event to do so.

Answer: yes it really can be that hard to rush and there was an event for it


You’re meant to max your characters tri.


no idea what that even means!


yOu DrInK dEf On YoUr ClAsS.


i did.
he was max def




att def spd mana


Deca: abyss speedrunner event
Triforcej: okay I already HATE this dungeon, can’t even rush it with my pet, but I mean it can’t really be that hard if I try without my pet right?
Triforcej: dies

stirr away from this one, seriously after all these attempts just forget about its existence, forget where the lil red portal you randomly see in godlands throws you in cuz its a hellplace, forget about everything that comes from there, UTs and STs alike, its not worth your time nor your characters YOU HEAR ME TRIFORCE FORGET ABOUT IT ALL TRIFORCE I DO THIS FOR YOUR OWN GOOD TRIFORCE






Does anyone actually enjoy Toxic Sewers? It seems to have confused annoying with fun.