Least Favorite Dungeon?


Sprite world’s. Imagine u are trying to max your dex, and you join a sprite world with a random huntress .Limonz is on crack and is jumping around the map. Behold! It got paralyzed by a ctrap on top of u and u fucking die. Fix Limonz pls. He really likes sitting on u. It’s not even a question of skill, MF just jumps on you, unless I hiding away and leeching the first phase.


i recently had an extremely bs death just like this, on a newly 8/8d char.

I would say that the shotgun should stay, but the instant shot should be removed, giving unfortunate players at least a second or two to escape if paralyzed on top of you


No, fuck that ring, just put that boost onto the tiered speed ring that actually deserves to specialise in its stat.


Wild Shadow really knew what they were doing when they made her do that attack when paralyzed…


I prefer buff tiered ring to have 10:1 ratio. Basically if UBHP gives +180 HP, then UBDex would provide 18 dex than 10.


My least favorite dungeon is ice cave. Its just plain boring, even if you solo it. Its just a really bad dungeon loot wise unless of course you’re actively looking for the whites.


Endless torment is absolute garbage.

The necro isn’t a king of DPS compared to the priest, and the priest has a better purification.
Fights were you need puri the most usually dont have enough targets for the endless torment i.e. MBC

Additionally, it’s insanely rare from them. Even when there are events for that dungeon, it’s still hard to find chains.


Each one of your points just says “no” with no elaboration nor explanation hahaha.

This isn’t continuing the conversation in anyway, you just wanted to quote me 6 times and say “no” 6 times.

The dungeon isn’t interesting enough for it to not be solo-able by the common player
BTL can solo a shatters, and other people can solo Shaitans. It’s a stationary boss fight, with no interesting mechanics. It’s unreasonably difficult is what I was trying to get at. It doesn’t have any sort of END GAME allure. It’s a craig dungeon. Its been out for ages. It’s a stationary boss fight.

12 is too many phases for a lame stationary boss fight. The void only has 10, and it’s way more unique, interesting, and fun. You ALSO cant solo this, but it DOES have the end game allure.

^ answered the non-unique phases

Everyone saying the whites are amazing don’t have them.

The mystic set sucks, you didn’t make any moving argument here

You get life pretty often from MBC. I’ve never gotten a life from shaitans. Plus, the potential reward of getting a colo/mseal/bplate/potato/red bag items is way better than the potential of getting any shaitans whites or ST.

You also said “it’s a great source of attack” which 100% lets everyone know you’re out of your mind.
If you choose to do a Shaitains for attack over just farming Glands for 3 seconds, puppets, or dont already have too much attack from MBC, then you’re wild.


When you start comparing it to one of the most broken items in the game (Puri), obviously it’s going to pale in comparison.
Relative to other Skulls, however, it’s quite decent - I’m maining it on a side Necro, and I often don’t really feel the need to swap to my tiered skull (though mostly because of the neat stat buffs).
I thought it was too situational at first as well, but once you start to notice where you have opportunities to effectively purify, it becomes a great boon.
Plus, it’s not like Necro’s DPS is that bad.


Man… I play necro a lot a lot. This necro was after my 4K base fame necro just died. I main necro.

I don’t think puri is ungodly broken as you claim, I don’t ever find myself swapping out to the endless torment over other skulls, and when I did try it out, I noticed these “opportunities” you’re talking about, but it’s way easier to just pay attention to the shots, dodge, and focus on dps and not dying rather than “okay if that confuse shot hits me, I gotta find where to hit at least 2 people.”


Purification in itself is already an extremely strong effect, and with Priests having access to a virtually unlimited mana pool in the form of pets, you basically nullify any weak shot that compensates for its lack of damage with a status effect.
“Oh, you wanted players to be armor broken during this phase? My Puri believes otherwise.”

Look at any group trying to do something that involves status effects and chances are that they’ll most likely have at least one purification Priest nullifying would-be harm (on top of a strong instant heal).
Were it not for puri, there’d likely be a fair bit less silence and quiet spam in dungeons.


I have the waki and its great


I use it as a chest popper. Otherwise I use the st one.

Is the waki SO amazing that you grind shaitans until you have one? Does it single-handedly make shaitans an amazing dungeon?

because that’s the context of this hahaha.


I did exactly that, soloing them from court.

The dungeon has a few problems though




why? any reason in particular, or is it just that you dislike epic dungeons in general, and ddocks more than the others?


You can’t solo it and its just generally hard to do in small groups, but if you play it the right way and come in with a large group, the dungeon is a pushover.

Its either incredibly hard for its rewards or incredibly easy.


There’s actually a warrior set up that can in fact solo Ddocks, but yeah for the most part you can’t solo it


That warrior must be fast, 30 seconds after the parrot barrier is defeated the whole arena turns into evil water.


The arena is never fully sunk like the Void map, though it does get fairly tight.