Least Favorite Dungeon?


Good luck staying on a very small arena with hoards of parrots and a living shotgun trying to kill you.


No one underestimates Endless Torment. It’s an incredibly difficult-to-attain endgame item that tries to perform a function dependent on reliability in an unreliable fashion when in endgame situations.


I fed mine.


(me with my resu 6 years ago)


Undead Lair all the way. The only reason why it is a 3 star dungeon is because of its insanely stupid traps that can insta most unmaxed classes


Just don’t rush?


You know what, you are right. I should full clear every single dungeon i go into because there is a common single situation that allows for the character im playing on to die.

Traps don’t actually directly explode on you unless you tp on them or you are lagging.

Hell, 8/8s can die in midlands without a pet.


;~; The traps are there to deincentivise rushing. Choose to rush? Suffer the risk.
When UDL was released, it was the supposed to be late-game, second only to cube gods and skull shrines. Just because it’s been power crept over the years, doesn’t mean it can’t keep mechanics that made it hard in the first place. Let me put it this way. You don’t complain about dying on your 6/8 whatever dying in a FSV to, idk spooky boi. You knew the risks. In comparison, you have an unmaxed char in a UDL, to the same sudden instapop, traps.
IF YOU DON’T WANT TO CLEAR, YOU GO FASTER, BUT HAVE A HIGHER CHACE OF DYING. It’s that simple. If you value your character, don’t do something unneccasary to enhance efficiency.


3-udl-traps-stacked-at-the-entrance-of-a-room beg to differ


The trap instapop “mechanic” doesn’t exist; it never existed. Traps were never there to insta you… they would just poke you from afar. Also udl was never late game. Dungeons were still rushed without ‘power creep’ items.

Dungeons shouldnt rely on outside factors to kill you… a udl rush even on unmaxed, petless characters never fail to traps when one isn’t lagging.

“Just don’t rush?” is the same thing as saying “Just don’t lag?” or “Just dodge”. Its not constructive.


You have the choice to not rush and not dodge, but you cant choose to not lag. Lag is a problem external to the game. You cant really affect lag ingame, thus have no choice. I do agree that they arent constructive.


But when one is looking at dungeon design, the most threatening part of a dungeon should not rely on external factors.

which is what this thread is about. Dungeon design.


Regardless of whether it’s there to insta you, it still does so. Hmm, just realised much of my reply was directed at Avacato rather than you. Avacato was annoyed UDL was hard bc traps, I just told him to not rush and he wouldn’t get a potential trap in the face. I’m sorry I directed my post at you, it was more a reply to him. Also, wdym by “outside factors”? Just because it wasn’t intended to do something, it still does it.


mb if my points are funky, imma just go to sleep now.


I’m with twitchy here. Which outside factors are you talking about?


I’m pretty sure there are at max 2 traps in a single room


Lag. Traps only instapop when lagging or tp’ing onto them. Traps are not meant to instapop people. UDL was and is an early/midgame dungeon. UDL(or any other dungeon) should try not to affect people exceedingly differently based on their lag. UDL can be consistently rushed.


Agreed then

Continuing the conversation with this information in mind:

I was only pointing out that saying ‘‘Just dont rush’’ is not the same thing as “Just don’t lag”. Because you can choose to not rush but cant choose to not lag, making it more constructive than the other - while still not being very explanatory.

sorry did not review my own posts, my mistake


God, I just brought up UDL traps because I lost two characters(A 5/8 and 4/8) to them and then y’all start a debate on how traps lmfao


I’m sure the max is 2 as well. But you know realm: shenanigans can happen. There can easily have 3 traps close to each other, or even stacked.

I remember seeing 3 traps close to one another.

You know what? Lets now take pictures and videos of unusual trap placement and post it on the forums yall.