Least Favorite Realm Enemy?


What enemy do you guys hate the most? For me it’d have to be…

…this piece of shit. Boy does this one get my blood boiling. Between their frequent shots, and their small but incredibly annoying confuse debuffs they give, I slam my desk every time I get stuck between a group of these and a breakable wall. Whoever created this monster deserves to be dragged across glass.

Least Favorite Monster?
The Regular Bridge

~Most hated

~Most annoying

~Worst sprite




Like, c’mon man. You’ve been here for so many years. Get a job.


Ice Sphere…


It disgusts me.



also +1 to the Urgle and Mad Lab suggestions


Mine might be Kage Kami. Not for the reasons one would expect though.

Mainly because I los 2 character to beach dragging with it before. I reserve a special hate for it as a result.

In total fairness, good sprite, good enemy, but just hate it for that reason.


More like:


~“Oh, nice event you got there, I’d be a shame if someone were to…”

Pain Goo

~“Well, I didn’t want loot anyway”


~“Yes, I’m a woman”

I don’t usually do Labs, but when I do, I hate those Robobuddies


This guy is so bugged, stacked shots, turning into sanic and more, he’s not only taken a few of my maxed chars with like 3 shots but thousand of others.


These roam the godlands, and are very annoying to kill while soloing or in a small group. They distract you from more valuable gods, and rarely drop anything worthwile.


Lair construct giant no doubt


You want to live through this tomb? I think not


This bloody puppet

"It would be a shame if I just jumped on you as you’re going through a narrow crack in the breakable wall towards a million enemies giving you no time to nexus or do anything hehe"


Green potion. Pretty much the only 1 shot enemy there is that isn’t a boss, but can screw up a maxed character. I lost a 6/8 priest to it (I don’t remember if it was my first priest or my prot puri priest, either way, bad)

EDIT: thanks for telling me shatters


[ www.realmeye.com/wiki > find the sprite you want > right click > copy image location > past here on its’ own line]


Beholders because you always get blind


Giant squids.
There’s a story to go with this one, one time me and my guildies were doing a guild ot. So Thessal died, everyone got their loot. The rusher dragged a giant squid with him. Then suddenly giant squid says “Sneak Attack!” and BOOM BOOM BOOM just like that 3 people are dead including the opener’s 6/8 rogue. It almost got me too, I had 250 hp but got away.


Hohogod these trigger me to bo end. I personally use no magic heal and these things DO NOT. NEVER MISS. And the quiet lasts a year D:


Oryx’s living floor.
That is such a rude enemy.