Least Favorite Realm Enemy?


what effort?


suicide bomber of realm…


@Selimmm You got it wrong. Lol, the white dots are the eyes and the black squares are the spots on her back.

Edit: Whoever made the picture got it wrong. Props to me for paying attention.



My 7/8 knight was blinking in glands so I tp’d to this random guy far away… ended up in midlands, i’m like “phew” AND THEN FIVE OF THESE RETARDED SUICIDE BOMBERS RUN IN AND ALMOST KILLED MY KNIGHT UGH


yeah and they come out of no where


Did you know, that maybe they made it on purpose to make it look like that? You know, as something fun?


I disagree with literally everyone.

When enemies quiet you, there’s a purpose.

  1. To annoy the **** out of you.
  2. To annoy the %%%% out of you,
  3. To annoy the ^^^^^ out of you.


But really. There’s a purpose. And I can’t believe somone posted ice sphere. Boi. Everyone dies once in a while.
And about the robot thing that confuses people… There are people who die by that so ye.

Ik the point of the game is not to die but what’s the fun if you never die at all?

I hate…
(i have no image)
The oryx looking thing that’s gray and shoots out the confuse shots in o2 boss room.
So @!#@!$@#$ annoying. I almost died with my archer…


This is all personal opinion. No one said that their pick had no reason to exist, or they shouldn’t have died. They didn’t come here to argue, they came to post their personal least favorite enemy, not to tell you to agree with their pick.


Also slimes…


I can hear the hateful tone you had when writing this. No, I would have never guessed it was made with a smiley face and scribbles as a joke. I didn’t even know I was joking when I made my reply.[quote=“Etahn, post:148, topic:1097”]
Lol, the white dots are the eyes and the black squares are the spots on her back.


I agree with the Mini Bots for sure. Jesus. What a fucking migraine. I also detest Urgles. Why are they even in the game?

Now for some more of my personal least favorites:

When you find a goddamn three way intersection in an Abyss and there’s like a dozen of these motherfuckers.

Lol, now your armor is broken and your pet is useless! RIP your rush and RIP you.
And also, on the subject of RIP rush…



How is this ‘Whoever made this got this wrong. Props to me for paying attention’ in a joking tone? It would have been a joking with a small face. For all I know you could have been insulting the creator.


Every single time you quote that you miss one important detail. “EDIT:

It was a correction for the fact that I thought Selimmm made it. I take my corrections seriously and I hope you do too.

EDIT: Made the post a little easier to undestand. @Poopythell


Least favorite realm enemy?

Other players.
I hate other players when I’m rogue and they aggro all the gods while I’m cloaked.

Pretty much the ONLY way i die.


You’re saying that the creator of the image got it wrong, when it was made as a parody of other people’s view on what the sprite was. He made that image knowing how the sprite is meant to be.

Please actually read my posts carefully.




oh now i see.
and now i cant unsee it.


That’s how I felt when I first noticed it.


My new least favorite.

It isn’t an entity, nor is it living
It affects all, weak and strong, poor and rich
It can be deadly, and it always kills
One person shall die every 15 seconds to this enemy
It doesn’t have a true life
It’s because of Deca
That this new enemy exists

#Deca Lag.

Please kill me - I’m bad at poems.

Servers Rubber Band Lagging

Its called an Henchman of oryx