Least Favorite Realm Enemy?



Hey buddy you typing in Godlands… that’s unfortunate.


Armor breaks you in godlands, gets wrecked by a flying brain
Comes to your event, slows you so you aren’t safe, weakens you so you don’t get soul bound loot, and armor breaks when tanking something

Not worth it except for Shatters, can instantly pop you, never allows you to get loot (for me that is)

Brute of Oryx
The armor breaks are cancer, when I saw a brute coming toward me on my 7/8 knight even if he was far away i instantly nexuses no need to deal with those kinds of things that pop you

Ice Sphere
Comes out of nowhere and pops the character you worked so hard for just like that it’s gone

Knight puppet and Warrior puppet
God damn can’t I rush a puppet without getting armor broken then popped

Imp of abyss
Why do they do so much damn damage???

Blue sprite (slowing one)
Enough said

"oh candy lands are easy especially on this maxed warrior oh never mind"

THE BLINDING MAKES ME WANNA (insert something brutal here)


[quote=“Curlip, post:189, topic:1097”]
Hey buddy you typing in Godlands… that’s unfortunate.
[/quote]You mean djinn


You mean Medusa (how my first maxed character died)




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Since making a new thread would only result in it being merged into this I think I’ll just bump this.




Anything that confuses or unstables…


@Shatter + @Nevov = @Shatov


This thing. This thing.
Y’all know what this thingy does?

or in other words, this

becomes useless.

As for sprites…I…can’t think of any. I ended up editing Daichi’s fight description while looking for ones that I dislike.




Third place: We have a tie!

Gray Blob
”Hey! Look at that dude! Hey, theres another dude! Now their trading! Oh hey lets kill them! zooms toward players…
Aftermath: We both died.

Ice sphere
”Hey! Look at those dudes! Can I zoom towards… That one! Lets zoom towards that 8/8 Wizard with all of that awsome gear!
8/8 Wizard is a hacker.
8/8 Wizard teleports behind me and nexuses.
I die.
My guild is yelling “HAXER” bcuz he reconnected.

Second place!

Some noob pretending to be a pro: ”Its ok guys, you can tank the shots.”
I see a stacked shot:
”I can tank this.”
Insta killed.

First place!

”Ok, lets go into this lab…”
Urgle shows up.
Instant disconnect.


Bane of my Level 10 existence. Spawns 10 million dark elves and loves to show up in huge packs, leaving you in a hopeless battle if you didn’t bring decent gear.

I didn’t want that 4/8 anyway.



bane of my existence


Who remembers oryx lag from 2 years ago? LOL


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would’ve asked nevov to open anyway, it’s a good topic



step aside urgle, there’s a new contender for “most annoying enemy at realm events”.

this guy spams weak all over the place and it’s so annoying. urgles can only affect you if you touch the lines, but these dudes come in packs of like 20 and barf everywhere. on top of that, unlike urgles you can’t just kill it and be done because 3 more take his place!

so much weak, very annoying. I definitely hate this guy.