Least Favorite Realm Enemy?


What are your least favorite realm monsters? Mines is probably this piece of floating garbage.
Don’t forget this guy, either.


“I fear no man. But that… thing … it scares me.”


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Yeah that confuse-lab guy is super annoying…!

New entry on the list from me:

With their following-you-but-with-a-bit-of-random-hovering-unpredictability you can never exactly work out where they’re gonna lay the bomb, and there’s always 3 of them, these bat guys from parasite are pure EVIL!


to not mention that those things can do anywhere between practically no damage and instant lethal damage depending on how accurate their randomness is + whether or not you get hit by a barrel from some other player


k i guess im the first one to put Oryx the Mad God 2 as my least favorite


Either 120 damage or Slow for 6s?
Minor doubt >:O


90 damage - 40 def = 50 damage which gets healed in like one second from a pet, and while 6 second slow sucks it’s not damage

so if you miss the AoE and only take one slow shot it’s basically no damage

if you sit on the entire thing while someone throws a barrel at you on the other hand…





Seriously, f[redacted] those things. It’s not the debuffs that bother me though, but the lag. They generate simillar amounts of lag to thessal or son of arachna (which almost always dc me), but don’t contribute anything meaningfull to the game. If 2 or 3 of those bastards spawn relatively close to eachother, I get dc’d almost immediately. I’ve missed quite a few dungeons and event bosses because of them, but even if I’m just farming it’s still annoying af.

The second worst one for me would be the Rock Dragon Bat.
That’s just personal tho cause I lost a few good characters either to their explosions, or to backing off into a ghost god or something when confused. Yeah I suck i know xD


Are you using chrome? Afaik they only cause lag on chrome.


Oh, yes, I do.
I didn’t know that.
Thanks for the info!
Maybe I’ll try the projector next time.


Marble is trash boss, he just shoots stuff that has too many debuffs, and when he gets to his final hentai phase with the spinning roblox heads I almost die. every time.

The worst though is THIS monstrosity

Beach Spider Queen


This disgusting creature has ended even the most veteran realm players, so much so that I’ve become fearful of the sandy shores it occupies. It’s minions are no less fearsome than the black menance however, releasing volleys of green poison that DECIMATE the toughest of knights, Oryx himself dares not mention them for how powerful of an opponent they are, and how massive their legion of spiders are. Honestly I would say these are harder than Void, and I do hope Deca completely removes them from the game.


Let me sneak in here and kill EVERYONE IN THE ENTIRE SHATTERS





Sounds racist af oops.


I don’t know about you guys but the quiet bats in LH’s make my blood boil when I’m trying to rush.

Whenever I get hit by one I know I’m not going to make it to the pot room.



Yeah, I know you just confused them with the rats, but how dost one not pass up on such a splendid opportunity to make a jesty fool out of one?


Ah, my mistake. You got me good lol


thokn ahahah payback! >:)