Least Favorite Realm Enemy?


Out of the whole Sanctuary, the Oryx Minister, probably. Even though it’s probably way less annoying on prod, it wasn’t fun trying to one-shot-clear a whole Sanctuary and then accidentally sitting on this thing’s paralyzing bullets - or getting confused by its portal.


fCboAby image image
Worst events i’ve seen.


Hello, I’m the ent ancient. You’ll have to run through the midlands for 2 minutes to get to me and then I’ll force you to listen to my rambling for another minute until you can finally kill me without even getting the quest complete.
You can also buff me so that the fight takes even longer and you also get the “enjoyment” of dealing with my hyperactive friends but we both know you’ll never get the quiver anyways.
Also did I mention you have to kill like 20 of us to clear the realm?


In a close 2nd place when it comes to Heroes:

Hi, Ghost King here. Sorry, what was that? A couple of clueless newbies or some more experienced players with bad intentions attacked me during my judging phase? I hope you’re ready to sit and wait for a minute while I just stand here invulnerable flashing green.
Oh yeah, and you also don’t get anything truly worthwhile from the minions I do spawn.
Did I mention that you’ll also always take the long way around my ring of unpassable walls that have some breakable parts, but only just enough to not grant you access easily?

God, I hope they’ll at least touch on these a little bit now that we have objectWithin transitions.


Seriously. All they have to do make that fight take less time and let the minions drop the STs the king drops now. Then it would be worthwhile.


Part 2

Sorcerer Puppet
“Good luck finding my tiny-ass spellbombs that can one shot your PPE if you weren’t looking close enough!”

Cyclops God
“My moat is so broken and incomprehensible that you’re better off trying to solve the AI Escargot before you’re able to find a way into my castle that isn’t the main entrance. While you’re out there, fuming over the unobtainable loot and dungeons that dropped in my closed-off waters, I’ll be safe in here, laughing heartily at your misfortunes. You’re lucky that I even HAVE a drop now, but what are the chances of you actually getting it?”

All of the Magic Woods enemies
“Well, we have all of these enemies for this dungeon, but how do we make them a tough opponent for players?”
“I don’t know, how about we just fucking put a million of them in one place so if anyone wanders into the wrong area they get bumrushed, hallucinated, silenced, and spellbombed simultaneously?

The Keyper
Lord forgive me for what I’ll do when I find the person who created you.

Post-update Skuld
I don’t have anything clever to say here, just fuck you. Your boss fight is probably the most annoying in any dungeon I’ve ever done. You’re the sole reason I hardly ever run cems anymore.


He’s become a total pushover since the MotMG revision, though…


Yeah, he’s gone now but…


It would have been fine if they actually communicated that it would be buffed with us, but noooooooo. Seriously, why is there sometimes such reckless abandon in the game design of a permadeath game where people sink real world money into their character?


I hate urgles with a passion. Just look at this ugly pink thing with eyeballs all over it. I hate how it weakens you, which is just plain annoying.


What else? This dude can also inflict AB and Blind.


Yeah, I’m most annoyed by weaken though, as when a cube god spawns or smth I often wont hit sb if I get weakened and it is almost dead when I tp there.



Tbh keyper is one of my favorite enemies. I especially like the lore behind him!


Why though?

@Toastrz Why though?


Why do I like lore? He’s a dwarf that got corrupted by the crystal entity how cool is that


this piece of shit. and apparently they eat pets who are released


Not necessarily my least favorite per se, but I dislike oryx 2. shotguns are some hot bullshit and promote leeching


Who the fuck made these? These guys literally promote leeching and wizard clearing strat, and discourages players from actually standing in the front line as a melee.

I’m assuming their intended purpose is to punish players who dares to rush inside the room without caution, but on top of the fact that this mob literally punishes even the cautious players, the whole purpose which makes players not being able to hit an enemy before it tries to oneshot you is horrifying. No matter how strong you are, you have to make sure it is chasing you in order to do safe damage to it. At least make their jumps slower and actually react-able.

As if knights will ever land their shield on these.


no comment



This guys is the one who created lag to kill players. Can’t tell how many times I died from it. Either stacked shots after rubberbanding or end up sitting on a boss.