Least Favorite Realm Enemy?


Urgle one of the worst annoying enemies, throwing orbs everywhere while inflicting status effects with no good loot.



These things that spawn in the Crystal Worm Father Event.

While the Father is firing off barrages of boomeranging white shards and covering the entire field, these things will spawn under your feet instantly killing your character with a ring of defense ignoring bullets.
If you avoid that fate, they will fill the rest of the already cluttered screen making it even more a pain to clear.

Seriously, who designed the event boss for fungal cavern? Easily my least favorite, the worms spawned after the mushrooms stay invulnerable for too long, and the mushroom waves aren’t fun to clear.
And why does everything have to pierce through players and hit multiple targets? I don’t like this trend.




There are so many annoying enemies in the library. I have a hard time convincing myself to go into one. For a mere godlands dungeon, it has a lot of kill potential.


As it should be.


My complaint pertains to the one-shot potential that the Cursed Library holds over other dungeons of similar difficulty. If either the bookwyrm or the headless specter sit on a light armor class with max def and full health and shoot once, the character will die. Although I didn’t have maxed life in the circumstances where I’ve been one-shot in libs, it is still true that you wouldn’t be burst down by a single non-boss enemy in any other godlands dungeon with exception to the magic woods with the explosive brown fairy which I also despise.


Sorry, that wasn’t intended literally. >.<
(Running joke on “stop killing my kin,” etc.)


Death cause by the Urgle’s immense beams


Ents aka wasting time simulator


Atleast there is a QOT to get if you buff it, have you seen ghost kings? Now those are just a pure waste of time when buffed


Bilgewater. Seriously, he’s a bit too bullet-hellish for a GLand epic dungeon. 80k HP + cannon balls everywhere. Just nerf his HP by 1/5 and we’ll be gud.