Least Favorite Realm Enemy?


@ItzToastma You wanna go? Rip 7/8 knight with frostbite mith abby and expo to that guy, I got paralyzed and couldnt nexus fast enough.


Great. Temple. Snake

~that’s a very nice 8/8 knight you got there, it’d be such a shame if you ran into 109283230948 of us and we shot you at the same time
I died to my own spawn >.>

Are you a good player?
What are Your Best and Worst Moments in ROTMG?



-“Drown in the waters of friendship!”

-“Here is 1 bullet, or so you THOUGHT”

-“There apparently isn’t enough confusion in the WC, so I thought I’d contribute more! <3”


You boys wanna scrap I’ll have you know I lost this gem:


That actually made me laugh out loud, irl. no joke.


I feel you.




For me it would be the Enforcer Bot 3000 or what I now call the Cosby Bot 3000 for doing you know what to my 5k 8/8 knight after a big lagspike with 4 of them in the room :confused:


I totally get that, THOSE are what kill me in labs, not the huge purple guys. I think the realmeye wiki has it backward, because enforcers are like death on the wind


Yeah, all they need is electronic error (Frame drop or lag) or accidental user error :frowning:


What, you wanted to rush the boss fight? Sorry, I can’t let you do that.


djinns, you cant steamroll them when running though godlands


As an unmaxed character, or when clearing, holy moly. I’d hate to imagine these guys’ movement AI being on a larger threat, if such a thing doesn’t already exist.


A raging Twilight Archmage also has very erratic movements, though I don’t know if it’s the exact same pattern as those Demons.


Most Annoying (FUCK!NG) mobs

Most Ugly Sprites :
Derp :







W-why… me… :sweat: