Least Favorite Realm Enemy?


Annoying but fun to drag!


i lost my first maxed character thanks to that guy :angry:


Hahaha lol
I’m sorry for your great loss. How can you recover?


white stars, fame train noobs.


This guy.
lost a 5/8 knight to him (2 vit to max) and almost lost my 7/8 knight. (I play a lot of knight).



The tomb one’s the bane of SparkyMKII, I presume?


When I was trying to recover from my 7/8 Wizzy death and 5/8 Archy death with a new wizard, I got confused in a madlab and died to the Enforcer Bot 3000.

Needless to say, I was not pleased.


Scarabs are op, drag abuse, and still… op xD


http://static.drips.pw/rotmg/wiki/Enemies/Brute%20Warrior%20of%20the%20Abyss.png keeps killing me when I’m 0/8 wizard WTFFFFF


BRUTES IN THE ABYSS !#$;%:%’ you


<(Lmao try again, kid)
Actually disgusting. In every way shape and form.
Butt ugly sprite
Can super sanic charge at you and explode in you in groups. Rest in rip any low level classes.
Even when you can survive their onslaught, when they ZOOOOOOOOM at you, it scares you, even if for a moment.

Screw these guys.


When you have a pay to win pet, like me and max def on all characters, I turn those frowns into smiles :slight_smile:


Well thats obvious. But when you think about it from a new player standpoint;
Level 4
Just started playing 15 minutes ago
"Meteor staff! Kick ass name!"
Suddenly jumped by 5 grey blobs and acquire FUBAR status before even realizing whats happening
New players reaction when;


I was a victim too, I know how it feels.


Unfortunate indeed.


Eye phase is nearly impossible to solo unless you have an assassin or huntress.

Makes eventing and closing realms solo very VERY hard, since it just pops up as a quest and you can’t find the other event spawning enemies that you can actually kill. Deca pls nerf.


I hate these guys, killed my 8/8 wizzy :3 also why would kill my poor innocent pet


and @Shitacow I just checked my graveyard (592 graves) and I’ve never died from a gray blob!! New achievement?


How about that sky blue innocent sphere that stalks you and wants to be your best friend? The thing comes closer, and assaults you in the Shatters (A.K.A ice Sphere)?

Or maybe… The tentacle-like object with that huge eye (A.K.A Beholder) who lives in GodLands and always blinds me? Those are @#$%ing annoying.

The little birdy (A.K.A The Bat) that lives in the Manor. It’s bad luck, annoying, and just plain @#$#. The fact that you get confused for less than a second is annoying as hell.

The Brute Warrior in the Abby? By itself? [Clicks the mouse] - Dead. [Some idiot drags 100+ Brutes] - I’m out.

The fluffy horse with a horn in the Land of Candies (Gigacorn), who pretty much is the melee’s best (sorry, worst) friend (sorry, I meant nightmare).

The little piece of @#$# who exists in the Tomb?

##That’s pretty much it. I still have tons of monsters in which I want to add, but maybe that’ll be added later. :smile:


But… But…
Your profile picture though…