Least Favorite Realm Enemy?


needs more jkblunt


10min+ mystic trolls in fame train.

They are definetly enemies.


The ponies in an Ocean Trench that permaparalyze you… Puts a whole new perspective on how OP pets made Archers’ quivers


Its so annoying when he keeps noscoping me with the quiet shots.

And then this guy always makes it impossible to do cems when you are 0/8 :frowning:



I will tell you my greatest enemy in realm.

This monster is responsible for nearly all my deaths:


Is it by any chance an anti-rogue?


I will now cloak next to this titanum and blame a Knight for spawning.


the most deadly and dangerous enemy in the whole entire game.


My God take it away!



Oh I remember you from kabam forums.

Oh and for the question, My least favorite mobs are Urgles and the ugly boss of the spider den.


Shut your mouth!
Arachna is beautiful.


To other spiders, that is.

So you’re a spider in real life?



I’m a spider sympathizer, but don’t tell the government!


The government won’t care.

Calls the exterminators.


My least favorite…

My least favorite…


My favorites…

Usually 2 or more…

I thought it was too hard, but that’s because I was always rushing before…
The loot suspense makes my blood rush…

To think that it was the worst for a while… It has become a routine to slay. ._.

I so want this… That I even go with a 12 def mystic and somehow managed to survive with 6 hp pots and a legendary pet and hateful people who won’t heal me. xD

Impossible for me alone or with two but somewhat fun.


I didnt see nobody here talk about



D:< That’s my dad!


Ha ha D: good one.


@UnicornSla Never do candylands then… You could kill your unicorn self or fight with your dad.