Least Favorite Realm Enemy?


Spider den ugly boss.
Got in there with a lvl 12 knight and took like 45413423463612430124630340173 hours to kill

The urgle
"Look there’s an avatar… might as well go over there…"

When i’m surrounded in oryx castle, i’m fine… I have like 3410348023 def on my knight. BOOM BRUTE COMES INSTAKILL WHAT THE HELL JUST HAPPENED


‘Spider den ugly boss?’



This guy right here can be the most annoying piece of shit in the world, especially if he brings his friends along. If the dungeon’s linear it’s fine, you can just shoot around the corners to clear them out. But if there’s an intersection and a group of these guys come up on you from behind, looking for a hug as you’re busy clearing what’s ahead, prepare to kiss your health goodbye.


shhh, shhhhhhhhh, sleep now, sleep comes so easy


how can you possibly die to that
the bombs should do 1 damage to you


think about it

[details=Summary]armor break

also they do like 3-7 ish with armor im pretty sure[/details]


I got armor broken, retreated, and didn’t notice oryx’s living floor threw one of those motherfuckers right on top of me, also

and thats why I hate quiet bombs.


Well then… the Mad Lab has gained another least favorite enemy on my list, and not just the Enfarcer Bot 3000. Now the crusher abomination aka Mr. I’m gonna kill your character if you afk with an electric pet…


Hobbit Mage by far…I have died on too many 8/8’s from those…


my 6/8 knight ran into a hobbit mage and started blinking…
it’s so hard


Oh boy are you right, i died like 5 times to this idiot.


(The robot dude.)


Das eezay


Are you being sarcastic?


Im pretty sure that this[quote=“Schuga, post:119, topic:1097”]
Are you Dumb

is against the forum rules


Sorry I didn’t read the rules :frowning:


kinda implies common sense.


I’ve never died because of this guy, but when doing sprite worlds as 0/8, UGHH JUST STOP EXISTING PLEASE

The other enemies that people listed are cool though.


like mine? ^~^


slow+reverse floor in sprite world is annoying af!