Least Favorite Realm Enemy?


This! This little piece of atrocity killed two 7/8 Priests I had ;-;

A Realmeye Christmas [CLOSED]

Both of u are 100% correct,i just dont know which one of those monsters is worse



Armor Pierce + [Insert Event here] = 1+ Death.


oh urgles. oh god.



(this was supposed to be a picture of lava, i hate lava in abysses.) (I do know that it isn’t infact an enemy, but i hate it.)


God I hate this mother fucker… trying to drag godwalls on my friends has never been harder!


o shit dude. love your profile pic xd ;3


this little fucker killed my first 7/8 with my first dbow…

before you say I’m bad it was when encore was new and nobody knew how to do it good

OK, I’m just bad :confused:


oh. rip (Q_Q)


Godlands must be a pain for you.




My guess is that he lost a ton of HP (probably armor broken by the Brute of Oryx) and then ran on top of the quiet bomb. Unfortunate, but definitely possible.


Yep. Now that’s beautiful. You can just tell how much hard work was put into creating that sprite.


oh ya… the armor breaks
hate that


fyi, something we tend to do is not double post, and just use

@scorchmist lbasdasd
@scorchmist adsasd

to notify dif people


Ye, I read each post at a different time and didn’t really think I would post more. I just kept adding on to my little “thread of comments” each time I found something I wanted to comment on.

I’ll be sure to not make the same mistake in the future.


i get you.


shush. its beautiful.
you need to appreciate the effort put into it.


what effort?


suicide bomber of realm…