Legacy skin quests (question)


I’m by no means a new player but I still did not have access to the crystals of fortune until recently. My question is if anyone knows if this skin is on the rotation: Valkyrie Paladin Skin. I have been hoping for it every time I get one of the legendary mystery skins and yet my luck runs dry. I have the patience to wait for over a year for it to come around but I need to know if it can be gotten through those means. Thanks (Answered). I do however have another question, maybe less feasible, does anyone have a chart or graph of the skins which appear on the rotation? Maybe this is a project already, but I think it’s a nice idea.


I’d imagine it’s still in rotation, but as more skins get added, each complete cycle gets ever increasingly lengthier. I had to wait for the Slashing Beauty skin for around 3/4 of a year a while back, and I haven’t counted how long I’ve waited for the Agent Rogue skin. More patience is all I can recommend.


Thanks so much mate!


how long is a rotation. Is it every week? I really want that knight warrrior skin sebchoof uses


Oh no! I hope I’m wrong, but I think that one cycled through more recently. I think it’s twice a week, but I never payed much attention.


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