Let Us Choose Our Bounties


Everyone either knows or finds out quickly that Realm of the Mad God doesn’t begin until you hit level 20. Most people also know that the quickest way to naturally reach level 20 is leeching (especially Oryx Castle). Under level 20 the player has very little ability to push the realm toward closing due to being lead toward Heroes of Oryx only during very narrow windows. Most of the time it’s Horned Drakes, Urgles, and other junk enemies showing up as bounties.
In my opinion the old early game formula teaches new players to play the game in a way that is not rewarding or impactful, and a new method would encourage a more rewarding and impactful game-play style for new players, at least for the current state of the Realm.

Please give us an option to prioritize Heroes of Oryx as Bounties. Dedicated realm clearers have access to realm maps which denote every possible Hero of Oryx spawn location. I want to have the option of being directed towards the Heroes of Oryx at any level. It only has to be a simple toggle in the Quest Log and it would benefit players of all experience levels.

What tweaks do you think would best improve the Realm over-world, the under-level-20 experience, Realm clearing, or Heroes of Oryx in general?


It’s more than just giving us an option to select our bounty but also give incentive for realm clearing as well.


yo ppl always fixing game issues on forums and Deca be like hahaha we need new weapons…


Well that’s an issue too, it’s just this game is such a mess that a lot of work is encouraged/being put in for certain things that other issues are put on the backburner. Imbalanced equipment is a problem too, and it’s good that they’re trying to work on it, but I also agree that they do need to work on these other problems, especially the realm rework.


HAH, as if DECA would let us have a better chance at finding those Deathmages to obtain that blasted ST ring

Although I have long and completely agreed with a Realm Rework, I’m just so worried that DECAs going to push out something that isn’t fully fleshed out, and we’re all in the dark about it until it’s too late. I’m not trying to say the players have all the answers or anything, but I don’t have to tell you how many times DECA messes things up. There’s some problems that become trickier and trickier to fix as time goes on, and looking to the root of the problems can guide them towards what actual solutions are, rather than constant bandaid fixes.

To tie this to the OPs topic in a more clear fashion, it’s a neat idea, but I think this changes one existing problem to another. The early game is a mess, but this is something that would only shake up the short-term situation.


I am worried too about that possibility. I’m sure we all thought Shatters needed a few small fixes a LONG time ago, but what we got was a complete and total leap from broken old shatters to completely new Shatters. Meanwhile what we got recently with Mountain Temple is a greatly improved boss battle that builds on the identity of Daichi, and the work on LoD is also really nice.

I understand that new ideas and new mechanics take time to devise and implement, which is why I understand why it’s been so long for certain aspects of the game to advance. However there are already ideas and mechanics in place that can be slightly touched up to revitalize, retain, and prepare the player-base for upcoming reworks. I hope DECA has learned about the community’s expectations a little from the New Shatters release, and will likely opt for subtler changes building up toward grander reworks, rather than the other way around. And if this is about catering to their higher-paying players, I’m sure more of the average and lower experience players will be willing to spend money on this game if the average and lower level content gets attention.


The new stuff is all created for making as much money as possible (almost everything is broken down to different shard (currencies) with which you can do exactly one special thing). Also you can experience almost every important triggers used in gamblings.

I mean, I’m fine with that as long as I can still play for free. But fixing bugs or make the users’ experiences better would be even more valuable for me.


With the recent update we’re spending much less time in realm. Each one closes in like 30 minutes on its own as of this update. The problem of being lead away from the heroes of oryx while under level 20 still exists however. Players in the teen levels will be lead toward urgle, hunter centaur, elf queen, etc. instead of toward Ents and Liches, which are the more desired enemy.