Lets play with our imagination


Vision starting to fade?

literally the best thread on the forums


Alright @IBurnYou, I tried.

Dragons like Olives… right? :thinking: (approx ~5 min to draw using MS Paint)

Now what I “saw” from a different perspective. (approx ~2 mins to draw using MS Paint)


I strike yet again!


If you gaze long into an abyss, the abyss also gazes into you.


i see a deformed jalapeno


Just realized if I look closely, I can see a shadow creature within the purple evil…


well I already found two, if you can post a third one that would be spectacular


Sorry for the potty humor. Hope the thread rules don’t disallow this one. It’s just too good.
Someone mentioned this looking like… something else, and since I couldn’t see it, this was the result.

Challenge accepted on his behalf, @Xaklor
Not quite the same, after all. And while I’m at it, lets see what I can dig up.

Construction is cool I guess.

Is this a rabbit or a dude with some sick hair?

This wizzy knows how to party!

Is this enough pure evil faces for you?


It kinda looks like a yoshi holding an egg idk… :3 i tried.:sauropod::t_rex:


Also reminds me of roadrunner


What is a poor defenceless baby chick running around the glands for?



It’s an Elephant :smiley: :elephant:


Its what i give this thread… Can you guess?


… you’re Batman?


no its a heart u dingus!


It’s a joke u dingus!
EDIT:probably sarcasm but oh well





Tbh, if you enlarged it, you could draw a face. Already sort of shaded and the nose, eyes, ears, and some hair are there.