Lets play with our imagination


Damn that area already looked cute before you drew on it.


I love that tree mouth




What kind of fox has a nose and no mouth


yeah i left the mouth like that cause i tought it already looked cute


it does has one its the little bottom of the tree


It almost looks like it’s also holding up a finger as if they are about to make a statement.


I think it looks more like… his duck friend is near by


That’s pretty charming!


The fox’s eyes make me think the duck is his best friend or something and they’re finally seeing eachother again.

My mind is wierd.


turn it into doge plox



> 3 pictures


I’m Mr Meeseeks Look at me!! I lost my screen shot but thanks to Mad for sharing it <3


a birb!! thanks to SturkyUsed for sugesting shapes…


Oh yeah I do see le birb now, unfortunately I never took a screenshot for what I saw in the ground, and your image is cut off, so ripperoni pepperoni.




It took me a while to see that it was supposed to be someone smiling, it looked like a kidney.


Eyy I found it


must be doing too much linear algebra that i thought the multiplicative of those terms instead of pi.


The drawing suks, I know that.