Lets play with our imagination



I’ve never seen that also what rating


Around 1300 on chess.com >.>

I’m pretty shit. (If I had a dollar for every mate I’ve missed I could buy myself a phone)


Wow you’re shit xd I’m 1800 irl i don’t use chess.com much


This is how my games usually go


probbaly should put this in general chat


Probably should do this in the actual chess thread lmao.

@SturkyUsed N-N-N-N-NINJA’D


Or you know, the chess thread which Candy mentioned earlier.


Found this topic at the middle of the night and it made me stay up longer than intended. Just had to go and find a pattern and have a go at it myself.

First saw it as a sludge monster but my inability to sketch something that abstract, made it into a dinosaur. Then I kept on adding more and more stuff and details… until somehow there was a boat and water.





I never played in any sort of competitive scene and didn’t know that white is supposed to be on the “right” (irl this seems weird as boards turn, room position change, and you can view it from many angles). But ya I recall queen gets her color.


White on “right” basically means:

White square on the right side of the board (from where you are sitting)
If you’re sitting behind the white pieces, the bottom right square for them should be a white color.
For black, it’s the same (But they look from the opposite side).


It’s pretty simple you just have to keep the black and whites separate


Ahh, I see. Thanks!



Not really, you have to make sure the pieces are on the right color squares.


He was making a racist joke.


How are you so good at art haha, I could try drawing that and I would end up with a deformed potato.

  1. Practice by looking at things IRL.
  2. Pay attention to where light sources come from and throw in some sloppy hatching (shading style) on opposite ends.
  3. CTRL+Z (or w/e is your program’s Undo function) and erasers.

Seriously. I mess up a lot. I redo lines over and over until I like it. Oh and layers work wonders. “Wow I totally fucked up this part and have to start over except I used a layer so now I can save hours of work by just redoing that layer.” Free ticket to easy town.

Other than that, idk what to tell you. I don’t consider myself that good (because I know so many people that are so much better than me). I’m alright though. I just draw a lot and always have. If I’m unsure how to draw something I often look at things irl or google a subject for help.


OMG I DO THIS ALL THE TIME!!! Here is a few of mine if got over all the months that I’ve been doing it! :smiley:


Ayyye Perry the potted plant. LOL.