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This means i could have stalked you ?!


nah, it’s a different realm, same layout


And aliens too ?


I don’t think so, the Lich setpiece looks different too


oh yeah, mine got a ent setpiece and yours a forbidden jungle.


Hasn’t been a year yet book…


It’s not a pserver, it’s photoshopped


That’s right, the duck is photoshopped. The rest is a pserver.




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The same water pattern showed up again (yes, I recognized it in-game from a year-and-a-half-old post), and it appears that the destructible walls of the castle appear in the same pattern. The background is different of course, but I suppose that castles have a number of preset layouts they go through?

(ppe btw)


Yup, I remember @Male writing a realm detection algorithm, and he had to automatically remove setpieces so that he could run the pixel recognition part. There are a few variants of the setpieces, and it’s always one of those variants, potentially rotated. The holes in the castle floor actually let through some of the map that was covered by the setpiece.

The smallest setpieces (that show you most of the map) are ent groves and ghost king keeps.
He did quite some work improving on the maps on the wiki by replacing bulkier structures with those for the sake of the algorithm.

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