Let's see what you're hoarding! Post your muledumps here


I loved this thread on the old WS forums. Some of you keep a lot of weird things (cough Liam cough).
I’ll start off, I call this, 'When the hell am I gonna’ get a Gemstone?’

What is "Muledumping"?
Post your muledumps here! :)
UTs showoff
Is there a way that you can stop your title from being edited
Post your muledumps here! :)
How to DIY add new items to Muledump
Muledump: Mark 2
Am i lucky or not? part 2
Post a pic of ur whites, it will sure make me salty
What's muledump?
Post your muledumps here! :)

without mules

If I see one person call me P2W I AM DONE!


Damn. I’ll swap you a crown for one of your (FIVE?!) gems.

Also, what’s with the 44 caves?!


Yes please! the king hates me 10 gems 1 crown

Ice caves are from either mystery box or alchemist, I had like 60 ran them till i Got esben skull and stopped


Tut. What’s this trade talk I see?
u want ban m8?


Untradeable mate #lrn2play


Honestly no idea what a gem is. #oldfart.


It’s the thing that looks like a unicorn did a shit on the floor.


My eyes.


Aww poor gem I’ve always like the sprite, I added hell to my post


Recently maxed like several 8/8s, so used a lot of my loot but :

Merching Secrets

Why black some out. What’s there to hide?


oh i just like to hide my keys, b/c guildies sometimes get mad if i dont open.

Most Liked Replys

Haha. Fair enough


Main, mules or however we want it?


What are the energy staffs for…?


However you want!

@ShadeFireI [quote=“ShadeFireI, post:16, topic:1207, full:true”]
What are the energy staffs for…?

When you make a mule the wizard has the starting starting staff so unless you intentionally drop it then all of your mules will have one.



Most of the untradable stuff is collecting dust for years, most of the tradable stuff has been farmed/traded for in the last year.


Important news: In build 120, energy staffs will be ultra-rare. Like, rarer than Doom Bows.

PS. Also in build 120, energy staffs will be the only weapon capable of killing evil chickens. You don’t want RotMG to be taken over by chickens, do you? Start hording energy staffs now!


Idk why I even have mules. I don’t go near them when I feel like making a new char anyways.