Let's see what you're hoarding! Post your muledumps here


btw how do i fix all of this stuff (all the ones with a bunch of letters and numbers)


nvm, got it


how do you fix it?


You’ve got 2 options how to fix the 0x34d type items:
1. There have been various spinoffs from Atomizer’s last Muledump that have all the recent items added (but I have no idea of them, how trustworthy they are, etc.)

2. Alternately it is fairly basic to learn how to do DIY edits to Atomizer’s last Muledump to add new items.
(in /lib folder: constants.js is the list of all the item details, renders.png contains all the item images.)


a lot has changed in 6 months
btw @Nevov how do i do it?



wait, whats this item?
never seen it before, and dont tell me it’s ur drink bottle!


It’s a old “dye remover” it was added to the game and being sold for fame, it was bugged. They had a new one that was in motmg bags but it was also bugged.


just search muledump X17.0 and you’ll find an updated one with marks etc…
but you have to wait a bit for the x18.0




@Laserquest I believe Jaki’s is the one a lot of people use now a days, it’s up to date and updated regularly.
@Jakisaurus Take it from here :slight_smile:


Sowwy <3


It’s nice to have a choice of them, there is also this one from @Wawawa that comes “recommended”, and he fixed up some of the things that annoyed me in the renders.png (misaligned items):


Using Muledump is so confusing now, everyone seems to be going off in different direction with what they are doing.


and then there’s me


I’ve grown.


how many mules do u have to have that many drake eggs…




yes - new number confirmed


Meh could be worse, started like 3~ months ago.