Let's see what you're hoarding! Post your muledumps here


5 jugs ffs


No, no, You got it all wrong. One is on a mule since the last time UTs were tradable. So it’s ONLY 4 Juggs :wink:


Tell them to get fucked lol they’re yours.


I have 3 Beach balls and that’s the only important thing I have.



@RXAPL: @moderators is broke or something, I think I’ve been told.

Mod Note: Bunch of troubleshooting posts deleted.

To anyone having trouble setting up muledump, there are video tutorials that will help you. Typically, problems are caused by small things, like not having a semicolon in the proper place.


we need some not so wealthy posts here, making me feel poor, especiallu on the ut side.


Dude you have 12 pixies!


well i guess in terms of tops and skins i have more than mosts, but those uts (and life and mana)…


Wish I had the foresight to keep some of those Juggs/Cdirks on my main.
Acclaim is my favourite Top.


That’s the Dirk of Cronus thing


What’s the heavy crossbow for


It was a gift from an old friend.


why so much trash old tops?


8 oreos…


I never bothered trading them and just chucked them onto mules.
They make for good suicide gear.


Only 2 of those oreos are legit.
I think I bought the rest during the first duping wave.




muh consumables


those 111t0 spells…