Let's see what you're hoarding! Post your muledumps here


i’ve calculated that i’ll instantly reach 85 heal / 81 mpheal / 63 elec from this.

still apprehensive about the time it’ll take though.


If you are training, it should be bearable-ish. If you’re trying to get it the conventional way… oh boy.

I did mine in one character, after a lot of training.


Heck I would use those items that you died with considering that I’m poor.


inspect element


Heres mine


REd star with jugg and ogmur :frowning:






Wish I was rich…


Pretty average for a white star, not bad.


and really good for a second account


No Konk or KoneOne found on realmeye, perhaps hidde


its a priv account dw <3


Can we get Japan’s muledump in here?? :slight_smile: I wanna see what he has hidden in his buffed acc :>


japan doesn’t use forums, as far as im aware


Lets find out @Japan @JapanTwo


that’s what I thought


BTW, @JapanTwo Is a book alt.


a not banned book alt :thinking:


Maybe even he starts forgetting some of his alts.

We need to get Jakisaurus working on SockDump, some people can’t manage all their forum accounts on their own.