Let's see what you're hoarding! Post your muledumps here


An update on mine since last post


in the middle of all of that there’s a t3 shield lmao


It’s on this character


195 life nice also nice video


You have 49 freaking Dblades, 70 tomb rings, 24 dbows, 3 cdirks, 195 unsb life, 4 ray katanas…

I could go on forever, how long do you spend just grinding?


I play too much for the average person


dblades aren’t that good


I know but that wasn’t the point
The point was that he had 49

He’s gotten more dblades then most people have gotten whites


k but it’s not that impressive. That’s like saying you have 1000 eps which aren’t that useful but you have a lot so it’s supposed to be good? Also he’s a white star, he probably spends much more time on realm than most other people.


Sorry these dont exist anymore.




I beg your pardon.


Have you ever tried actually logging in?
(Nobody is a white star in game)


I believe he was banana’d. Or maybe he just doesn’t upload any more.


I uploaded a speedrun recently, I was making a joke with that @CandyShi

It was Yang that was banned for only for 3 days and that was a year ago.


I remember that video :frowning:


Why was he banned


N word


How does one even post a muledump?