Let's see what you're hoarding! Post your muledumps here


2 ogmurs…


what’s that yellow bow


It’s the old sprite for the T13 (LH top) bow

T13+14 weapons were encoded in the game in the WS days, but with different sprites, so they appear in older versions of Muledump using the original graphics.


Got them within days of each other after 5 years. RNGesus was kind.

@PIGGIESFAR naww your RealmEye is sexy :3. I don’t touch my mules much because its more fun to self grind, also I’d wager some of those life pots are 5 years old lol.


195 life pots… puts into perspective how poor I am…


:open_mouth: wow that’s old

i started on this account when deca took over, so i guess im kinda new
only have around 40-ish pure life rn so i guess im poor ;(

ill trade you one of my three viles for an ogmur tho


Wtf how many gships have u done, also nty ogmur literally funnest thing to have haha



nogmur and noreo kms


jugg and omni and breastplate and 3 crowns stop complaining

dont forget fricken 392 life pots



wheres my ogmur buddy


Recently hit a life potion milestone having only gotten them as drops or buying 1:8 def/att!


Wtf that’s a total lie, when did Shurima become your sugar daddy? ;-;

But seriously, gz on being so rich f2p on a crappy computer that can’t handle LH. I’ll offer $55 USD for your account k


My mules are:


everyone seems to have ogmurs these days


makes me feel less special


Great work, hacker!



i disagree


what did he post


heres mine atm