Let's see what you're hoarding! Post your muledumps here


If only if there was a way to use steam accounts with muledump i might actually post mine


im pretty sure u can use muledump with steam


Found out how but its complicated


Not exactly what the thread is asking for, but the newer muledump versions also have the cool culminative data, which is quite interesting imo


Nice. But only 14 skins?


I dont use any cosmetics on my chars


I see 1 for each char or something?


No, just a few ones I had a couple of years ago.


So more of just feed power?


Boi why so many characters


Some have about 100


31 is not even a lot. 1 for every character. 1 backup for every. then its good to have a few more backups. 10 of my chars or marks/ut holders.

just realized i only have 26 char slots. darn it.


I hAvE oNlY tHrEe


get with the games! Even zquidx has like 9!


i had like 130 from ice caves event, and since i went inactive, i didn’t get around to selling them. Got like 50 probably from lh. Another 40 from farming them myself, but been buying a lot of them. also probably sold like 20-30 for spds, wis and other rainbows. (nobody sells me def and dex)(pls sell me some :cry: )

yeah rip top prices, i got most while they were worth like 2-4 life…


Holy crap


actually here have the updated version


Wow, it is my dream to have 1700 0x13d5


You have 10 unopened legendary skins…


they are on alts. and i opened a few of them, i always got the wizard green hunchback for some reason


That’s true I forgot about the alts.