Let's see what you're hoarding! Post your muledumps here


6 months of hard merching


suspicious cropping?


Meh the cropping is probably just so it’s easier to watch to be honest


you can get way more in six months of playing the game if you are decent, but gg on those etherites. I need to buy some but im poor and lazy.


You should let me in on these good offers, because I can’t find jack right now.


Looking at this… I realize how much time I’ve wasted

(Obviously this only includes items that I still have, i.e. not dead)


Here it is with gift chests


I’ve always been wanted to lol at my muledump. How would I be able to log in. I’ve tried something once but it lead me to somewhere weird and never worked.


How far did you get? Did you put your credentials and rename the file to ‘accounts.js’?


I just searched muledump and went through some stuff (been about 6 months). Then I gave up. Was wondering if there was a exact site I could try.


This has some stuff you can use. If you use the online version, you never have to update anything.


how the hecc do you have no pots


I dont need any


too many tops :c


not enough time wasted tbh.


Not enough tops c:


Been another couple of months so heres what I’ve managed to waste my life and get since last time


Well, this is depressing

For those who want to see only my whites:

This game should give me a jugg and a crown. sigh.


that chicken leg and colo sword are making me wet. Also feed those lab robes wat…

FOUR bracers, jesus christ, gib please. And the ice bulwark. I envy many of your items. I need more stingers too. Did hundreds of nests ad only got 1…


idk dude, just keep on playin’ :stuck_out_tongue:


time to refresh the thread: