Let's see what you're hoarding! Post your muledumps here


Who else went at the top and saw old sprites of different things?


104 empty spaces but like no room in main acc


i need UT’s


Darn u got a lot of Sts and tradeables, and give me one of those decas. (30!?)



All non highlighted whites and ST’s are on mules. Big sad.


You have played a lot on mules


I used to be F2P, so I had much alts.


*free 2/to play


I’m also grinding up to 10 stars on mules to pop more keys for my guild.


You know you can trade the tradeable items to your main


I only have 4 vault slots…


I only have 2, I don’t spend money on this game


I was F2P until my one char was literally full of whites. I didn’t have anymore motivation to keep grinding, so I had some giftcards and now I can actually play again.


Just a question, what do you mean


I had some giftcards, I bought some chars and vault slots.


You can do that


New life potion milestone means an update!


If I’m not mistaken, there used to be gift cards for realm gold that you could buy at target or other stores, although my memory might be a bit inaccurate as I was in the middle of my 3-years-of-forgetting-about-realm period.


You can buy realm gold with cvs, subway, etc gift cards, although I think there’s an extra surcharge for using them.


Heres mine
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