Let's see what you're hoarding! Post your muledumps here


Watching loot boosts run out bothers me so I almost never use them. 17 mules not including my main, but I wish I knew muledump well enough to be able to sort out my mules and just show my main, a few of those sb items like skins aren’t on my main and may as well not exist


700 Jade Beetles, yup mhm 100% legit


He only has 400 Ogmurs, though, so it looks pretty reasonable to me.




3 stone knight skins wow



5 divinitys?? and like 10k consumables, dude. clear out your vault lmfao


That’s a very nice Slime skin collection.


Gimme that dragon wizard skin… do you already have it unlocked? Why aren’t you using it?

yes I know it’s sb I was just making joke cus that’s a sick skin





And t0 staves, do you have an army of level one wizards?


Laughs really loud




Why does everybody have better accounts than me :pensive:


Any extra skins I have on the side are ones I have unlocked


When you’ve been playing this game for years on end then yeah you’ll accumulate a lot of items


How much money did you spend on rotmg?


^^ What Ivy said, it’s crazy to think of the years it’s been, the friends along the way, and the memories made for each white.


about tree fiddy

(idk to be honest, probably a couple thousand)


How to use Muledump for steam users? or is it not possible?