Let's Turn Your Favorite Character Into RotMG Styled!


I still have so much to learn


kayn is that u


It’s amazing and don’t be so hard on yourself senpai


just a small changes, noticed that I forgot to include his demon eye after I saw the anime pv https://youtu.be/Qx01pn9l-6g

rudy rudeus-animated-20190915-050803 for comparison
no new char for today :frowning:


let’s make a sprite effortless to make this thread alive!

guess who

it’s Elizabeth from Gintama


what is behind those costume(?) I wonder

isn’t that just white penguin? well…




Try doing the Worker of Secrets from Infinity Blade 3!


aight, honestly I’m lazy af, not to mention I had exam a few days ago but
I have made this amazing skin thanks to @mizumi and others from r/rotmg disc help
HeShe’s Cagliostro from Granblue Fantasy, the cutest and greatest alchemist!
I’m still debating whether to add ribbon or not qwq, so this skin is not completely finished, and don’t forget the hair qwq

do no click


my uncle can’t be this cute :heart:

and yes it’s a priest skin

I’m excited :smiley:


Updated, which one is better?

  • unclecag-animated-20191219-190041
  • unclecagwithribbon-animated-20191219-190053

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Pls add the “Im blind and cant see any difference” option





Supreme Alchemist Priest Skin

Description: “Awakened from her age-old seal. With her countless alchemic tricks up her sleeve and rejuvenated body, it’s only a matter of time before she unlocks the door to truth in the entire realm.”


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