Leviathan Blade sword idea thingy idk


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Leviathan Blade

A sword fashioned from the corpse of a violent manatee


  • Tier: UT

  • Damage: 165-215 (190 Average)

  • Rate of Fire: 125%

  • Range: 3.6

  • Stat Bonus: +5 SPD, +5 DEX, -60 MP

  • Fame Bonus: 4

  • Feed Power: 850

Drops From:


More info

Idk i’m bored during class what more do you want from me


srry about shading i’m not even half decent at it. plz comment n stuff I wanna know how bad you all think it is.


You should join the rotmg ideas discord


Blade is overshaded, bullets are undershaded


tried a fix


Use less/different colors. Currently they don’t work very well together


bruh moobattle urs looks like worse XD


oof yeh ik horrible sprites but is good description rite?


not bad. It’s a weak sword but not terrible early game or late game though it’s probably useless anywhere in the middle. With a decent pet, mp removed for warrior/paladin is practically insignificant so its just a weaker blade cutlass that offers 5 spd while early game, without a good sword, this isn’t a bad option. A pretty solid cyan bag… I would farm for it.


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