LF Guild :)


Hello everyone! I used to be fairly active on this forum years back but took a break until now where I’ve finally started easing into my Upper GE’s.

I recently suicided all but one of my 8/8s as I get most of my enjoyment out of PPEs, but if you require multiple 8/8 characters (with or w/out endgame tops) I make a couple without a problem. I have plenty of keys sitting in my vaults and gift chests and have no problem popping them for you guys.
I mostly just want to be a part of some guild community because as fun as PPEs are, single-player only gets so fun.

If you prefer to message through Discord: 태양#0001

Have a good one.


We’re not currently at our finest, but. If nobody has taken you under their wing, we’d be happy to have you in our server! Even with the guild in a funky spot in-game, we have many guests (including other forumers!) that still mingle, even if it’s not always Rotmg related. If interested, you can message me on Discord at Bookwyrm#7378 (: