Library Lore Thread


When saw this I knew there is going to be a new sprite world


My question is would it be possible to do it by hand? It sounds like a nightmare but also a bit of a (painful) challenge.


Given that you know the cipher, it should be.


@Zquidx ty for contributing h






H z


Jewel Eye Katana:image

Wand of Ancient Warning: image




What’s the third one? The input isn’t on-screen.


Bow of Covert Havens








I feel like part of the covert text was off-screen (as The Realm Eye usually has 3 phrases to say but only two are on screen in that screenshot), at least it’s the part that probably just mentions that there’s info on the Bow of Covert Havens so it’s not too vital.

I blame the guy trying to ask about dogs


Now asking about a golden dagger currently crashes your game (and everyone else in the dungeon with you). However, in explaining the problem to Toastrz, he gave us what it’s suppose to say:

>So you wish to learn of Golden Daggers?
>They are a sacrificial dagger that have been gilded so that blood does not tarnish their edge.
>Symbols are carved into them, serving as instructions on how to perform rituals.




Can you add those to the main post? (It’s a wiki post so you can edit it)


Do you mean the Realm Eye Responses page?

I’m personally planning to get to that around Monday or so (I have everything transcribed so it’s a simple copy-and-paste job), if someone else hasn’t already updated it.

Also, I’m thinking about making the page more visually-appealing (maybe put the responses into nice tables with images), since I know a lot of people read the page for fun since it’s cool lore, but priority is definitely getting everything we have onto the page first.


No; referring to the top post here in this topic which is a “wiki post” meaning others can edit it: