Library Lore Thread


Nice reference to the myth of Arachne



Where’s the part that he gives you free skins if you reveal his sexuality?


I think the name was a reference in the first place.


All right im just gonna edit this post with my next few

Battle for the nexus

rusty katana


@anonymous squirrell no u


thats me!


Dagger of Foul Malevolence:
Additionally, ‘Staff of Vital Unity’ yielded no results.
Maybe Vital needs to have a ‘The’ prefixed?


marble colossus


Crystal Prisoner:

Cheers, Solar <3


@Toastrz is that supposed to be “all this way just for me to ask”?



The full document is 42 pages, and that’s with concise formatting and size 10 font. If you want to follow the formatting, here’s what it generally looks like.


For sanity’s sake, I’ll let you know in advance that only one prompt has variable dialogue (where it’ll say a randomly different thing each time). So you don’t need to say each prompt a bunch of times just to ensure it’s the only thing he can say. You can probably take a reasonable guess for which prompt has that variable dialogue (it’s a monster).

Yes, the full proper name is “Staff of the Vital Unity.”


You know, DECA should totally do lore based events, such as the CPrisoner going back to the shatters. I think it might be cool, but maybe not.


Thanks for pointing that out, I’ll get that fixed. Please let me know about any other typos!


Maybe it’s just me being dumb but does anyone have any ideas as to what this could be.




Hmm, I guess master rat?





The Shatters



Biff the thicc bunny. I tried Futalia (totalia) but there’s no response for it. I didn’t expect one either.



Also “F.E.R.A.L.” doesn’t work :frowning:
Cnidarian Reef

Desire Troll

Troll Martiarch

Omnipotence ring doesn’t work either REEE