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Probably changes in the god of and other things.


I am gradually becoming more and more impressed at how little spelling/grammatical errors are present in these dialogue. Kudos!

Lord of the Lost Lands





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“a god of war”

@Toastrz I know the RotMG enemies are not 100% the same as their inspiration, but that’s still pretty damn hilarious when you know what Bes originally was.




Wand of Evocation


30%20PM dirge


It was… a bit out of tone.


I’m guessing you didn’t make a line for the new Succubus enemy then?


There’s no response for Xil (tried Demon Lord Xil, Lord Xil and Demon Xil too), Azamoth (tried Demon Azamoth) and King Alexander… hmm

Also there’s no response for Soulbound or the Loot bags (tried Loot and of course, White Bag), weird considering he mentions other aspects of the game such as permadeath and lag.


I was on the fence about doing lines for limited time spawns like Totalia, the Succubus, the Leprechaun, the Grinch, etc. but ultimately decided against it. Realistically, I’m not sure how often I’ll have the opportunity to update the Realm Eye, so I didn’t want to create an obligation for those minor things (much of which typically isn’t considered “canon” anyway, like when Shaitan invaded the event chests). However, certain setpiece quests like the Permafrost Lord and Zombie Horde do have lore since they’re recurring and overall more substantial.


I tried leprechaun before I saw this

Rainbow road


Whoops, right, that one slipped my mind. Double checked my document, and can confirm that the only other limited realm monsters with lore are Biff and the Oryx Horde.

Rusty Katana (T0)

Kendo Stick (T1)

Plain Katana (T2)

Thunder Katana (T3)

Line Cutter Katana (T4)

Night Edge (T5)

Sky Edge (T6)

Im up to here

Buster Katana (T7)
Demon Edge (T8)
Jewel Eye Katana (T9)
Ichimonji (T10)
Muramasa (T11)
Masamune (T12)
Sadamune (T13)

edit: didnt mean to post that yet im up to t6
edit 2: going to play main game if anyone wants to continue katanas


T-room bosses may work. Check those out!

Oryx Puppet:

Edit 1:
Ok, Treasure Room bosses definitely work.

Abyss Idol:

Edit 2:
Snakepit Guard: (Snake Pit T-Room)

Edit 3:
Master Rat (Sewers T-Room)


Our favorite guildmaster, Guill!


Avalon The Archivist:


@Toastrz finally found an error lol, for leprechaun, third line:

…and they are known to reappear in one of Oryx’s many distilleries for a free drink.


Each Cemetary Boss Probably Has Its Own Lore

Troll Matriarch:


Corruption Phantom