Library Lore Thread


Dang i didn’t notice that one. Although I am skimming a lot today


Void Entity
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No offense, but you are posting a lot of repeats, so it would be great if you could just check the thread with ctrl+f


puppet master 2



What is that… OH!

Wait @Toastrz why would he need to be reincarnated if all things that fight against heroes get reborn anyways.


Numbers aren’t detected by the game, so all it read was “puppet master.” The normal Puppet Master doesn’t have a separate entry.

"…reincarnate him with greater strength…


If anything i’d predict that Oryx gets betrayed by the Puppet Master. Typical of antagonistic jokers.


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@toastrz the second line of mixcoatl reads weird. The first part about adopting seems to refer to mixcoatl, not his followers


I made a wiki page for the Realm Eye’s responses. It’s WIP and still subject to change, of course, but feel free to add to it regardless.


sounds fine to me


The Forgotten Sentinel


The Forgotten King


Killer Bee Queen



m’bad, I was using the “search this topic” and they weren’t showing up


Has anyone asked about the Nexus/Daily Login NPCs?


Guill and Craig works, tinkerer and login seer don’t. Same with the shopkeeper, they don’t work.


Jon Bilgewater the Pirate King

Oryx Horde

Davy Jones

Ghost Ship

Hermit God

Killer Bee Nest

Rock Dragon

Royal Cnidarian

Secluded Thicket

Toxic Sewers

Ice Cave

Oryx’s Castle

Dreadstump the Pirate King

Mama Megamoth

Queen Bee

Fountain Spirit

Spoiled Creampuff

Damn, don’t think we can finish the list before testing ends ;-; too little time!


“Mellis” is Latin for “honey”, whereas “regalia” means honey.
So, Royal Honey, but with the wrong suffixes.


Mountain Temple


Deadwater Docks


Ocean Trench


Court of Oryx


Lair of Shaitan



isnt malus the leader tho?


A leader, they all had similar power I guess. By leader, they mean lead the followers specifically.