Light Rose Shield


Light Rose Shield

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Imbued with the energy and excitement of a young knight, this shield seems to pull you forward, both to treasure and to your demise. When used it emits the pleasant smell of roses


  • Tier: UT
  • MP Cost: 90
  • Width/Shots: 3
  • Damage: 250-350 (900)
  • Projectile Speed: 15
  • Range: 3 tiles
  • Effect: Speedy on self for 3.5 seconds
  • Stat Bonus: +25 HP +10 SPD
  • Special properties: Shots pass through enemies and Obstacles
  • Fame Bonus: 2%
  • Feed Power: 550

Drops From:


  • Cool down originally 4 seconds, now is removed
  • Originally +25 HP +8 SPD -5 DEF -> +25 HP +10 SPD
  • Shots now pass through Obstacles


Long ago, a brave, adventuring knight found his way into the forest maze. For days the young knight ventured on, hoping to find an end to the confusing labyrinth he had put himself into. In the end, the knight was unsuccessful, and slept one last time in a bed of flowers that was, unbeknownst to him, right next to the exit. Over the years his strong will of life and it’s journey infused his shield, giving it the energy of the knight’s swiftness to battle.
Many year later, a sleazy rogue found the shield near the exit, after having his own disappointment of finding nothing from the maze’s encounters. Finding this a good time to use his amazing “bargaining” skills, the rogue set of to scam someone of the small reinforced shield he had found. The rogue quickly took the shield to a blacksmith, where the shield was given a new gold trimming and a sweet-scented rose was pressed into it. The rogue then foolishly sold the item to a unknowing knight for what he considered to be a great deal - for himself.
The knight, truly believing he found something special, kept the shield and cherished it as it aided him along many quests through his own journeys, and eventually to his own demise. The shield has had many owners since, and for each new one a feeling of excitement courses through the shield - another master, another journey, and this one would perhaps be the best one yet.

More info

The Item would drop in the form of a Cyan Bag.

The Lore came from @badpro

I figured maybe making a shield thats easier to obtain would be nice other than snake skin being used for perma stunning, this Rose shield can be used for rushing with the expense of stunning.


Giving the option to go speedy on knight is an interesting idea, seeing as knight is quite slow. But I think giving it a cool down is unnecessary and the def reduction in my opinion is harsh.


Yea i was contemplating the cool down since all the other shields didn’t have it either, and the def reduction was because of HP bonus, tho i might make it so it doesn’t provide any def since it really inst hindering you in anyway but being really “Light”


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