Limon(Sprite World) has got to be changed


It’s inconsistent with all the other attacks of Limon that a player sees while fighting the boss. It’s inconsistent with the rest of the game because a person playing the game does not see any instances of an enemy changing its behaviour if it is hit by a status effect or paralyze. It’s inconsistent with attacks of that power generally being telegraphed or happening after a pause. There is definitely gradation in consistency, and I disagree that what you just described is any meaningful measure of consistency. That’s like saying a person who disappoints you when you need them most is a consistent person because they disappoint you during those times specifically. Or maybe you were making a joke and I failed to read it.


it’s consistent as a boss, not with the game, I agree with you


But that’s the only real way to learn the boss, you die and reevaluate how you’re doing it, I myself have adopted an “always keep moving” mentality for fighting Limon.

It’s always seemed to me it’s to prevent her being curb stomped even more than she normally is. At least when she does the stop moving and turrets phase, it’s some sort of challenge for weaker pets. This phase makes a sort of high risk high reward scenario where you can whale on her, but possibly suffer a premature death which I think is fine.

Except he does. He shifts around a few tiles, ample space to kill melees and katana classes.

I agree.


Similar incident around 2 years ago myself, but it was a 6/8 Pally on Septavius.


This is a perma death game. just because you died doesn’t mean it should be changed lol. you also said a 2 star dungeon shouldn’t be able to kill you? are u kidding? since when was the star system ever relevant.


They should change this interaction, yeah. It’s pretty random sometimes with an electric pet that you could get bursted. The problem is there’s a tiny desync before the paralysis so Limon might cheese jump on you. If the game isn’t perfect in this factor then something like this is bound to happen. I think it’s braindead to say ‘git gud’ to something like this, considering the interaction layer is like 0. Just something archaic the game has kept up and dusty because the worst case scenario of the mechanic is incredibly rare, like lair traps and stacked abyss rooms etc.
I’ve never had it happen to myself personally but I have felt the anxiety of it.


I agree to an extent. Limon’s jumpy lagged para has given me plenty of heart attacks. At the very least, give limon a flashy phase before he goes and poops on your face


You see the difference there is that the abyss of demons is actually a rather difficult dungeon compared to sprite world.


Yeah, it should be removed, the chance of an instakill is way to high for an otherwise very easy dungeon, especially if you have an electric pet or you’re using a quiver and there is lag.
It doesn’t really add much to the bossfight anyways and most of the time its quite harmless. Imo they should remove the explosion and give Limon a second attack instead.


Pretty sure it is going to be changed with the rework, or am I high?


What rework?
They didn’t announce anyfin of the like.

Although I agree with the sentiment, I’d also dare propose a change that fixes this, among other things: removing Electric’s paralyze capabilities, entirely ( :


Move next time


Craig’s prompts in nexus indicate which dungeons will be reworked I’m sure.

“Dreadstump was sober enough for once to realize the dump he hangs out in. […]”

  • Pirate Cave rework

“The goblins Mama Megamoth lives with look a whole lot more like elves, don’t they? […]”

  • Forest Maze rework?

“I hear Arachna’s been trying to repurpose her body’s… […]”

  • Spider Den rework

“My cousins who patrol in the midlands are terrified of those big beehives. […]”

  • The Hive rework

"I don’t really get what my mom has against you people. […]"

  • Sprite World rework?

“For years I thought Stheno’s vipers were big infinity signs. […]”

  • Snake Pit rework

“Visiting Septavius is just depressing. […]”

  • Undead Lair rework

“Malphas asked me to buy some spiffier volcanic stone to work with. […]”

  • Abyss of Demons rework

“September 23? Aw, I’m flattered you remembered my birthday!”

  • Release date of these dungeon reworks

Of course, on the 23rd we’ll see

Of course I could be reading into it too much, but I just thought that all
of the dungeons referenced by craig were the ones that were going to be reworked. Obviously from what the trailer shows, there is no indication of sprite world whatsoever, or at least from what I remember of it, but I just thought that they weren’t going to show all of them to give it a bit more oomph as a surprise when they’re released.
I assume that if I do happen to be right, they’d also change Limon’s attacks and phases too.


Thankfully, it’s being reworked.

There’s no telegraph, precedent or logical reason for the boss to do this, it’s just a cheap trick to try to get some people killed, but the entire rest of the dungeon was just bad to begin with too, so there’s little doubt that part will change some way.


I see ppl talking about stheno and the snakes in the pit, and there is absolutely no way that they can insta pop a character as long as it has maxed defense. The only time the snakes have killed me is if I was a 0/8 sorcerer rushing a snake pit. And stheno, (this is in no way intended to be offenisve) how incompetent do you have to be to die from her. You can land all 4 shots of a pixie without taking any damage, so you have to be literally sitting on her to die.



He meant to say Sprite World is a 2 gravestones dungeon.


removing Electric’s paralyze capabilities, entirely ( :

Preach. Return power to our friend, the Archer.


as far as i know, limon’s paralyze shotgun only activates in the first phase, where she chases you around. i would think this shotgun is pretty easy to avoid as long as you are constantly moving. while this phase does have its problems, i think it would be your fault if you died because you were just standing still during this phase. especially if you have an electric pet or a frail character.
not saying this is how you died of course, just saying that this attack is easy to avoid if you’re careful


Limon is disgusting and needs to be deleted from the game immediately