Lios Rogue Set, Guardian of Air


Well, I made this set few months ago, but I forgot to post it here, so here you go!
Of course, it is another set based on my lore, so if you want any explanation just ask me in comments.

Dragon's Gale

Dragon’s Gale
Lios’s trusted dagger. Said to be one of crucial parts of his Dragon transformation.
Tier: UT
Aspect: Air

Damage: 145 - 195 (170)
RoF: 120%
Range: 5.8

Ancient Winds: Every 10th shot releases 4 air projectiles from sides dealing 100 armor piercing damage each.
Aspect: If mentioned aspect isn’t present, permament -4 speed and -10 vitality.

On Equip: +2 Dex, +4 Spd
EXP Bonus: 8%
Feed Power: 1200

Simple dagger with high dps, here are screenshots and gifs explaining how it works.
Regular projectile:

Eternal Cloak

Eternal Cloak
This cloak is used by Lios in secret assasination missions. They are usually finished with really high speed if Lios is part of the mission.
Tier: UT
Aspect: Air

While Key Held: 35mp/s, if held for over 2 seconds gain Invisbility and Speedy
MP Cost: 120
Effect: Charge with high speed to location of mouse (Max 6 tiles away from current location). If any enemy is 0.5 tile away from charge path deal 1000 armor piercing damage to them.

Aspect: If mentioned aspect isn’t present, permament -4 speed and -10 vitality.

Cooldown: 2s

On Equip: -2 Att, +8 Dex, +6 Spd
EXP Bonus: 8%
Feed Power: 1300

Note: You are invicible during charge.

Cloak made pretty much for rushing, but it’s charge can be also good for fighting.

Winged Armor

Winged Armor
This armor let’s Lios fly even without his Dragon transformation active.
Tier: UT
Aspect: Air

On Equip: +12 Def, +18 Dex, +8 Spd

Dragon’s Blood: When hit gain 50 Attack for 0.4s and -15 Spd for 3s.
Cooldown: 6s
Aspect: If mentioned aspect isn’t present, permament -4 speed and -10 vitality.

EXP Bonus: 8%
Feed Power: 1100

Diadem of Air

Diadem of Air
Lios’s pride is thing that made him loose in his first fight, thus giving away his life force to Beleth.
Tier: UT
Aspect: Air

On Equip: +60 Hp, +80 Mp, +12 Dex, +6 Speed
Deus ex Aere: Range of all Charge abilities increased by 2 tiles, When hit for at least 120 damage: -140 Max Hp and Armor broken for 8s, +40 Att for 4s.
Cooldown: 25s
Aspect: If mentioned aspect isn’t present, permament -4 speed, -10 vitality and Deus ex Aere is deactivated.

EXP Bonus: 8%
Feed Power: 1300

I think I never explained what exactly Aspect’s are, so before anyone asks:
Aspect is mechanic unique to Archa that would stay for all regular dungeons, basically after clearing Guardian Domain you’d unlock it’s specific Aspect and then you are able to choose it as permanently (However defeating Dark Nix would have a chance to drop item which lets you reset it) active in vault. When you choose an Aspect, you gain unique immunity to debuffs on items with mentioned aspect, and also some unique effects that I didn’t make yet.


This set was most likely made for fun, but I will speak as if this were a serious suggestion to add to the game.


It completely thrashes Dire and CDirk. It also beats Avarice at 0~11DEF. There is no reason for this dagger to be better than Avarice, with an easier shot pattern, and with only just slightly lower range than Avarice and higher range than tiered daggers. Not to mention the reactive proc, which is pretty useless in tight corridors, but in open fields, would boast a tremendous DPS boost. Also the +2 DEX on equip, while insignificant, is still 2 DEX. Nerf.

Description is… bland. And sprite coloring is VERY bright and hard on the eyes.


35 MP/s for invis and speedy, but you need 70mp for it to work? That means a maxed rogue with no equips/exaltations would have around 6 seconds. This means that it takes 42 mana per second of invis. Which is quite literally a scam, because you can wear any cloak and have snake eye ring. Also, the delayed invis is not something that is very desirable.

The damage effect is quite bollocks to use because it requires you to touch an enemy, which means you would be sitting on it for a split second. It doesn’t take a split second for o3 to kill you, and you don’t even have to be touching him. That says something. And the argument for it being a “movement” cloak is completely nullified by the existence of planewalker. The only merit of this cloak would be the 8 DEX, but for some reason, there’s a -2 ATT on this, meaning that you would probably be better off wearing garments, tenne, shielding, or whatever DPS armor, and a tiered cloak, or any viable swapout.

This cloak would not even be a viable DPS cloak because of how unspammable this is for a rogue, with only 252 max mana, and with 120 per charge dealing only 1K damage, it’s quite a scam considering that scripture costs only 30 more mana on a mana/wis oriented class, and does almost or over double the amount per pop, not to mention the fact that it is a tome that can heal the party.

Looking at it realistically, seeing as it is an 8% XP bonus cloak, it is probably an endgame item. Endgame rings that a rogue would most likely wear is the monocle, which provides no extra MP. Other rings may include the other 4 osanc white rings - BK crown, Dammah head, banner, and horny horn. The only ring out of these that provide MP is BK crown, and it’s 55 extra MP totals to 307. This means you can be invisible and speedy for an extra second (estimated) and dash 0 more times. However, I cannot really see a rogue wearing BK crown when they have such synergy with monocle.


I’m sorry WHAT? 18 DEX?? AND 50 ATK PROC?? NO OTHER ARMOR EVEN COMES CLOSE. The BASE armor completely THRASHES Hollyhock, and the armor in it’s entirety makes everything look bad. -15 SPD on a Rogue is literally no problem. They have 75 max spd, 60 is still enough to run. 0.4 S. atk proc… well, 0 dex is 1.5 attacks per second. 75 dex is 8 attacks per second. 93 dex is 9.55 (10) attacks per second, meaning that you will be able to shoot out at least THREE shots with more power than a fucking .50 BMG. And the extra 8 SPD this armor gives on equip is just a nice cherry on top of an entire fucking divine banquet.


Same deal as the armor, this ring’s offensive capabilities are off the god damn charts. The proc is INSANE DPS, but the debuffing factors are extremely unappealing and honestly looks like a game-ender in certain dungeons. Looks like an all out glass cannon sort of thing, and to be quite honest, this is completely broken on ranged characters because they can just dodge, or swap to a DECA when the proc activates. Most endgame stuff breaks armor or pierces armor, so armor broke wont be a hiccup anyways. This ring, at it’s very core, is 120% busted.


Oh of course, I make most sets for fun but I love getting serious opinions on them.

First, I will agree that I went “A little” overboard with this set stats, but I’d still add to consideration that this set would drop from boss that is on similar level to O3. And about descriptions - I fully agree, I’ve made it way before I actually started making a little more “advanced” descriptions.

I’ll agree that this dagger is extremely broken at this moment, but way I’d fix it is probably only by decreasing minimum damage. Reactive proc is meant to be just a nice addition, and it’s damage isn’t as big as you think it might be (however decreasing it to let’s say 80 damage would be good?).

First, on hold ability: while yes, you could use tiered cloak with snake eye ring, some people don’t like holding swapout rings with them and just using single cloak to get this effect would be more desirable for people like that. Maybe 35mp is a little too much, but going less than 30 would just make this cloak broken. Delayed invisibility is meant to make sure you are using this cloak for rushing, as this is it’s main goal.
For damage ability, it’s not exactly meant to be used as one, this part is meant to be a sidegrade to Plane, where you trade ability to teleport anywhere for less cooldown and a little damage on it. And as I said previously, it’s not exactly meant for damaging, but rather for dodging because it has inviciblity on this charge.

18 Dex isn’t exactly as broken as you think, because if I’m not wrong I was balancing this Dex to DPS that Tenne currently has (And Tenne as you know drops from court dungeon, where this as mentioned previously drops from O3 level boss). And about 50 atk proc, I probably did make it a little too powerful because I didn’t account fot attacks per second, but I think easy fix to this would be just increasing cooldown on it to 20~ seconds.

For ring I don’t have any explanation pretty much, but considering that you first need to have aspect active (And you can’t activate air aspect if you already chosen different one {where different aspects like darkness or fire would be more desirable for people, because they’d be focused on increasing damage}. Aspect of air would be only based on speed type stuff, not giving you any Survability) and then you need to take heavy damage it could be considered high risk high reward ring. And same as armor, because I agree this ring is a little too broken I think increasing the cooldown and duration of debuffs just would be fine. And as I said before, some people just don’t like swapping rings, and especially in middle of endgame boss fight it can just be very risky.
(And honestly, I really don’t like how I made rings proc so similar to Armor and it probably want to change it if I ever decided to work on it again)


One word: Those equips are DPS sets, but in extreme steriods.


So I actually really like the colors personally. Sprite-wise the only thing that bothers me is I cannot unsee ice crown for the accessory for some reason. Aspect doesn’t make a lot of sense to me so I’ll ignore that :sweat_smile:.

If this drops from that kind of difficulty, I think this change makes it totally fine. Comparable with avarice with a cool proc? Cool :grin:.

As for the cloak, I have a very different opinion :sweat_smile:. I would hope the on hold would definitely NOT do a decrease in mp/s. I know it’s not ideal to balance items around pets, but with a good one you are literally perma-speedy and invis. No need to rely on procs or gimmicks, just hold for 2s before starting and don’t get put in combat repeatedly. This isn’t comparable to tiered+snake eye at all. Snake eye gives you speedy for less than half of your invisibility, and hogs a very valuable slot that could easily be something like a deca (or monocle). If you must, you could compare to the legacy st cloak, but that gives you ~33% uptime on speedy and 0 offensive bonuses (or extra built in speed).
I think the charge idea is fun, if unnecessary :grimacing:. I’d rather see this on another class entirely. Still a cool gimmick I could see myself using in tandem with an electric pet like I already do on trick/rogue.

Yes. Fine to have occasionally, but every 6s is a little ridiculous :sweat_smile:. And I think I have to agree that the 18 dex baseline is a little nuts. Tune that down a bit or just outright remove the proc and this might be ok? It just also gives you a hefty amount of spd and more def than tenne or centaur’s.

Ring Now that’s a lot of damage.

Yeah I’m wondering how these would stack. Swapping to a deca wouldn’t give you hp right away, so that’s hardly practical :sweat_smile:. Tone down the offense a bit or just remove hp and mp and I think this might be fine.


Yea it’s fine to ignore it, because I really didn’t make much to it, it’s just that I added it to existence and that’s it.

Actually when I was making this ability I didn’t notice it, but it’s very similar to how Sheath was supposed to work on Samurai, but with longer range.

Hmm, i might need to agree about this one, but I have different idea for it, what if I maybe removed 2 more Def and 2 Att from it, and then balance other set parts to fit scheme of the Armor to it (+Dex and -some art).

How such procs should work (and how I want them to work on my items) is that every item that gives stat ups from proc should have it’s unique icon to effect, so instead of (horn for example) +Dex above your head, you’d have horn icon that works exactly as +Dex, but doesn’t interfere with other items or effusions.




Fair enough hadn’t considered that. But you’re bringing a dps priest to O3? Who also has a tiered tome in stow? Like the ring is busted, but not because you could swap like this :sweat_smile:.


Hey, priest has the cup tome thing. So yeah, I’m bring a DPS priest to o3. ANd you can’t do anything to stop me.

also i dont use tiered tomes since puri, but some people might use tiered tomes.


Winged Armor
This armor let’s Lios fly even without his Dragon transformation active.
Tier: UT
Aspect: Air

On Equip: +12 Def, +18 Dex, +8 Spd

Dragon’s Blood: When hit gain 50 Attack for 0.4s and -15 Spd for 3s.
Cooldown: 6s
Aspect: If mentioned aspect isn’t present, permament -4 speed and -10 vitality.

OP much?


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