List of players missing


this happened after i exited vault

the player list on the bottom right disappeared


Oddly, I’ve only had this happen inconsistently.
It does seem to be a known issue on Deca’s side, though.


Happened to me for an hour straight yesterday, never once saw a player in the bottom right, but obviously there were players around me.


I know it was a problem before, but my semi-consistent issue is having that same player permanently lock itself until I enter/exit a portal or nexus. Kind of annoying in some circumstances, but livable.

Normally I would ignore such a measly error, but now that I can no longer type as far or consistently (unless I want to get filtered for speed, or have my charm both jam up and put my character in danger with inhibited movement), it’s harder to type commands that interact with other players.


I’ve seen this twice now, most recently today the first time I logged on. Closing down the game client and restarting it fixed it each time.

edit: I just had a thought. It may be related to a bug that I see, and other people have reported. When I enter the game for the first time, i.e. when the client app is launched, a large number of things are missing, not being drawn. Item sprites in particular so my inventory appears empty (though I can still click on them –it’s a purely visual bug), they appear empty in the shop. But also text such as the times beneath portals, and the list of names.

It goes away as soon as I leave the nexus, whether via a portal, to my vault, or by changing server/character. But maybe sometimes the player list is not restored for some reason. This is speculation on my part, but it seems plausible the two bugs are connected.


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