LoD Combinations - Easiest / Hardest?


Wanted to see if people have already figured out the “optimal” progression of dragons to run the dungeon fastest / safest / easiest, and what combinations are fun / challenging / deadly.

Blue > Black > Red > Green seems to be pretty easy. I don’t like the combo where you get pet stasis tornado things during red minions b/c I usually take a lot of damage there. Haven’t had a particularly hard time with any of the dragons that “assist” ivory, IMO they’re not actually that helpful since they stay stationary and fire slow, predictable shots.


Doing Black -> Blue -> Green -> Red gives you not only the Pet Stasis Tornadoes, but also sick-inflicting minions! Isn’t that fun?!

In all seriousness, how come Pyyr’s minions get status effects the very first time they spawn, whereas Nikao’s don’t? >:c

Anyway, generally, I try to do red first, even if lava is annoying at times.
In my Ninja run, I beelieve I did Red -> Black -> Green -> Blue, which is pretty doable.


I’ve done blue-red-green-black on a necro, green was probably hardest


green > red > black > blue for me
Easy -------------- to------------ hard


I did a couple petless runs and did black, red, blue, green. Worked out well and the pet stasis tornados don’t matter much if you don’t have a pet. They’re also pretty easy to avoid


True, but the duration is longer than most of the other Pet Stasising shots.

…also, if you want to really challenge yourself…do a Black, Blue, Green, Red run. It’ll be fun :^)


Not sure if you missed it but I said petless. I would try that petless but am away from a computer for the rest of the testing session


I did take note of your petlessness. Regardless, it’s a potential extra source of damage that isn’t present in any of the other dragons’ modified chambers post-Feargus.

Quite admirable, though - the best I’ve done was with a level 40 heal pet as Warrior :clap:


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