Looking for a beginner guild


I’m looking for an Australian guild (English speaking) in order to get a bit of a foothold.
I’ve been playing for a little bit and I’ve managed to get 1 pet and the highest tier items I’ve gotten are tier 10 (as an idea of where I’m at)

I’ve never been in a guild before so it would be much appreciated if any correspondence is set up a bit like a guide. Due to my lack of knowledge I’m open to any fame level and any number of people in a guild. I would just need some help in dungeons.


Hi DBigWheels,

If you are interested in new-player friendly guild, you can check out ExiledRealm! We are very active and we accept any variety of players. We actively use Discord, and joining the server is Necessary for the guild. Joining the voicechat is optional.


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